Spend Time at Kastro Myrina on Lemnos

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There is no shortage of things to see and do while visiting Lemnos, one of the smaller islands in Greece. This island, which is located in the Aegean Sea, is known for its pristine natural setting and mountainous terrain. People come here to find relaxation and bask in the beauty of the island. In addition to the natural beauty, the island also features a historic castle that stands guard over the region. Kastro Myrina offers a rich history and the distinction of being the largest castle in the area. Here’s more information:

About Kastro Myrina

This ancient castle was first built by the Byzantines during the start of the 12th century. The castle was then reconstructed by the Venetians in the 13th century after they conquered Lemnos Island. Venetian Filocalo Navigajiosi, the Great Duke of Lemnos, oversaw the reconstruction efforts of the castle. During the Ottoman Rule, Kastro Myrina was inhabited and ran by the occupying Turks. Even today, you can still see the remains of the Turkish mosque when visiting the castle. The Kastro Myrina covers an area of 144,000 square meters. A massive triple curtain wall with 14 imposing towers surrounds the castle. The walls rise into the air eight meters at its maximum height while measuring 1.5-meters thick.

What to Do at Kastro Myrina

While at the castle, you can tour the building and its grounds. A trip to the castle is worth it simply for the chance to gaze out to the Aegean Sea from high above the rocky peninsula. Do not be surprised to see deer frolicking on the grounds of the castle. While the castle is uninhabited in present times, the deer are welcomed and fed by locals. The Kastro Myrina can be accessed via the entrance on the east side. This is the only point of the castle that connects it to land. Inside the fortress, visitors will find walls, cisterns, and ancient remains of houses. A highlight of the attraction is the underground vaulted room. It is easy to feel as if you have stepped back centuries in time when you visit the Kastro Myrina.

How to Get to Kastro Myrina

The most challenging part of visiting the castle is getting to the island of Lemnos. Because of its location in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea, Lemnos has been left generally untouched. This is a boon for travelers looking for a more remote travel experience. To get to Lemnos Island, you can travel via air or ferry. The flight time from Athens is approximately 45 minutes. If you are arrive by sea, you will not miss the castle towering in the distance from the Port of Myrina. From there, it is about a 20-minute walk up the hill to the castle. Be sure to leave time to properly tour the fortress with plenty of time to spend gazing out at the sea.

You simply cannot visit the islands of the Aegean Sea without making a stop at Lemnos Island to view this historical castle. You won’t regret it!

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