Visit Laganas: Swim With The Turtles On Turtle Island

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The Greek island of Zakynthos is notorious for having the best beaches of any of the Ionian islands. Zakynthos is also home to Laganas, the Greek village that we’re going to be talking about today.

To get your first taste of that beautiful Zakynthos beach experience, you’re going to want to head on over to Marathonissi, better known as Turtle Island. Turtle Island got its name from the area being a protected nesting site for turtles. Visitors will often be able to witness turtles being born on the beach, and plenty of turtles swimming around in the waters just off the coast of the island.

The beach itself is very private and intimate. With its secluded atmosphere, Turtle Beach is what you would envision when you close your eyes and picture what paradise would look like. Plan ahead and take a boat trip so that you can go in and out of the caves around the island. On most boat trips, you can jump out of the boat and swim around in the caves. And I know that the idea of swimming in a cave might sound scary, but it’s absolutely beautiful inside of the caves on Turtle Island.

The other beach option is, of course, Laganas Beach. This beach isn’t nearly as popular as Turtle Beach, mostly because people prefer the privacy that they get on Turtle Beach, as Laganas Beach usually draws large crowds. But if you don’t mind the crowds, it is a really nice beach. There are plenty of bars and restaurants that line the coast. It’s a very lively atmosphere, and the clear-blue water is what you would come to expect from one of Zakynthos’ gorgeous beaches.

The nightlife is fantastic in and around Laganas, with so many great bars to choose from. Glamour Bar is a very flashy bar, plays good music and serves satisfying drinks at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a great time, check out Fishbowl Bar. They usually draw a much younger crowd, but the atmosphere is much like a frat party. Their specialty is fishbowls. The later you go, the wilder the atmosphere is.

The two most popular bars are Drunken Duncan’s Cocktail Factory and Cheeky Tikis Bar. Drunken Duncan’s Cocktail Factory is another bar that draws a younger crowd, but also has that excellent party atmosphere. It’s certainly a great place to check out if you’re looking for a fun night out. They usually play house music at Drunken Duncan’s Cocktail Factory, and could very well have the best cocktails on the island of Zakynthos.

That being said, Cheeky Tikis Bar gives Drunken Duncan’s Cocktail Factory a run for their money in the cocktail department. At Cheeky Tikis, the staff is so nice and friendly, they provide great service, and are very welcoming. The music at Cheeky Tikis varies from the other bars we’ve mentioned in that they don’t really have a particular style of music that they stick to. You really never know what you’re going to get as far as music goes at Cheeky Tikis, but that might have something to do with their karaoke nights in which you can choose what songs are playing!

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