What to Do in Xan Square Thessaloniki

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One thing that Thessaloniki is known for is that it is a hub of political activity in Greece. Although it is considered a smaller city than Athens, this city does have a special place in the hearts of the Greek people. There is a university, which adds to the vibe, and it is considered a great place to spend some time. Where Athens can often feel too busy, Thessaloniki maintains a sense of neighborly charm.

Xan Square is one of the main things that you can visit while in the city. Originally named after the Christian Brotherhood of the Youth of Thessaloniki, also known as XAN for short, this is a central hub of activity for locals and tourists alike. Here’s a look at what you can do while here:

State Museum of Contemporary Art

The art culture in Greece is about more than just looking at the art from Ancient Greece. There is a lively modern art culture. If you want to enjoy this type of art, you’ll want to head to the State Museum of Contemporary Art. Built in 1997, this museum features pieces created by modern artists, many of whom are based out of Greece. The museum itself is located in Xan Square so you’ll want to drop by while in the area.

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

You can’t deny that the ancient past is very much a part of Greece today. If you are interested in learning about the history and archaeology of this part of Greece, you’ll absolutely want to head to the Archaeological Museum of Athens. Much of what is housed here was found either in Thessaloniki or in the state of Macedon. With each piece, you’ll also have a chance to learn about the history of the area.

Royal Theater of Thessaloniki

Do you love to watch performances? If so, you’ll want to consider visiting the Royal Theater of Thessaloniki, which is directly in Xan Square. Before or after the show, consider walking the streets near the square and find a place to eat. This area has a lot to offer those who are set on having a good time.

Tower of OTE

Xan Square is the site of an impressive tower that was built by the Greek telecommunications organization. Known as the Tower of OTE (the name of the organization) stands impressively in the area of the square. Although there really isn’t much to do with the tower, it is memorable and distinct and worthy of a photograph.

International Trade Fair

If you’re interested in the International Trade Fair, you’ll want to head to Thessaloniki and Xan Square while it’s taking place since the place where it is held is located here. If you know that you want to attend, make sure you’re in Thessaloniki in mid-September because that’s usually when it is held.

While visiting the Greek city of Thessaloniki, you’ll want to consider spending some time in Xan Square. This is a place where locals and visitors alike flock to enjoy a great meal, socialize, shop, and see the sites.

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