About Marathonas Beach on Aegina

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Aegina is one of those Greek islands that may feel like it is off the beaten track, but it does get a fair amount of visiors. When driving toward Perdika from Aegina, you’ll come across Marathonas beach, which located halfway between both destinations. This popular, well-organized beach is renowned for its beautiful sands and shallow waters and is the perfect choice for locals and visitors alike.

About Marathonas Beach

Marathonas Beach is a wonderful place for spending the day swimming and sunbathing and watching the gorgeous sunset. Marathonas Beach is divided into two lovely beaches, Marathonas A and Marathonas B, both of which are totally worth spending time at. Marathonas A is on the west of the island while Marathonas B is just outside the village.

Both beaches get really busy during summer, and they also offer similar amenities. For instance, they both have lifeguards, sell food and drinks, and rent out umbrellas and sunbeds.
If you arrive early enough, you’ll beat the crowds and find the perfect place to set up your umbrella. If you get a delightful spot because you arrived early, you can see the variegated blue colors of the sea. If the sky is clear, you can see the islands of Moni, Methana, and Agistri.

What to Do in Marathonas Beach

Many visitors, as well as locals, believe there are no better beaches in Aegina than Marathonas. It has many features that make it ideal. For one thing, the shallow water makes it perfect for families with small children. For another, the sand appears almost endless.

It is also one of the cleanest places in Aegina, with two of the best eating places: Ammos and La Palma. Additionally, both restaurants offer free sunbeds for those who eat there. Since Aegina has many other interesting taverns to visit in this area, it’s best to explore these before visiting Marathonas, because once you arrive at the beach, you’ll lose interest in going anywhere else.

Getting to Marathonas Beach

You can get to Marathonas Beach by renting a car, taking the bus, or hiring a taxi. The bus travels to Perdika, which is further to the south. While traveling by bus is cheap and convenient, it has one drawback–it is often congested. For this reason, many visitors prefer to take a taxi, which will only cost about 8 Euros, one way.

When taking a bus or taxi, you have two options: get off at Marathonas A or Marathonas B. They both offer a slightly different experience.

Marathonos A comes first. It’s a good place to stop if you want a lively trip because there are many taverns around the beach area serving superb food and beverages. Conversely, if you’d prefer a quieter trip, perhaps taking your own packed food, then Marathonas B may be a good choice. It’s a lovely place to sunbathe and swim until sunset. However, if you’re really into sunsets, autumn is the best time to visit. The sunsets behind the lovely island of Moni are particularly spectacular at that time of the year.

The beach restaurants at Marathonas open for the first time at Greek Easter. That’s when life on the beach officially begins. All sunbeds and umbrellas are in place through the length and breadth of the entire beach at the beginning of June. The last day of October marks the end of beach season, and that is when most of the locations will close.


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