Lounge on Myrtiotissa beach on Corfu Island

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It’s no secret that Greece is a popular destination for travelers. There is so much to see here that it can be hard to choose. Corfu is one of those destinations that tops the list of places once in the country. It is one of the most famous places to go in Greece! While here, you should make time to visit┬áMyrtiotissa Beach, one of the most famous beaches on the island. Here’s more information about it:

About Myrtiotissa Beach

The sandy hideaway is located on Corfu’s western side and has been a port of call for many decades. Noted English writer Lawrence Durrell called Myrtiotissa the loveliest beach in the entire world. The locality is named after the neighboring monastery of the same moniker, which is located on overlooking slopes.

Myrtiotissa is highly touted because it is not considered part of the whole tourist scene. The beach is not surrounded on all sides by hotels, overcrowded bars, or touristy attractions. Rather, the hidden gem sits in the midst of lush, green foliage like wild plants and is dwarfed by mountains visible for miles around.

Gorgeous Natural Setting

Individuals who make return visits to the natural beauty’s white sand and crystal, clear waters do so in large part because of the unspoiled nature of the surrounding environment. To illustrate this point, one need not look any further than the effort one must make to reach this destination.

The beach is accessible only via an elongated pathway one must either arrive on foot, rented car, or motorized scooter. Once a visitor hits the sand, they encounter a small enclave filled with waters clear enough for the naked eye to see several feet deep.

Moreover, the natural protection the beach receives from the mountainous atmosphere keeps winds from striking. Therefore, the water is always clean and free of debris. In fact, travel industry experts have named Myrtiotissa one of Europe’s most clean beaches.

Moreover, frequenters are enticed by the remarkable silence. Unlike its more tourist friendly cousin Glyfada beach, people head to Myrtiotissa for sounds often no louder than the rushing of sea water.

What to See and Do

Though no amenities exist on or right adjacent to the beach, visitors do have options should they desire water, food, or other refreshments. There are little Greek restaurants known as tavernas situated up the hills not too far the beach’s pathway.



Beach goers who enjoy history or wish to witness the architecture of an ancient Greek Orthodox construction are encouraged to take a brief jaunt to the monastery.


Travel Tips

Should Myrtiotissa be in one’s itinerary, travel professionals encourage them to consider several important points including:

Accessing The Beach

Those who have traversed the beach’s pathway maintain that the associated road is narrow and contains several tricky turns rendering driving down it somewhat challenging. Therefore, those who do not desire to utilize their best motoring skills might wish to consider leaving rented cars by the tavernas and walking the rest of the way.

That said, you are implored to bring water to prevent dehydration when walking in the hot sun on the trip down and especially back up the hills.

Note that Myrtiotissa is a nudist beach. Therefore, those traveling with young children or who are uncomfortable in such settings might wish to explore other locations.

Greece’s beaches are often ranked among the most visited and touted in the world. That said, those looking for a less touristy, wilderness surrounded, location a bit off the beaten track are urged to place Corfu’s Myrtiotissa beach at the top of their itinerary.

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