Parga Is Home To Many Beautiful Beaches

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So you want to travel to Greece, huh? Let me tell you why Parga would be an excellent choice, and why so many others have chosen Parga as their travel destination every single year.

When you’re thinking about vacationing in Greece, one of the biggest factors that travelers take into account are the beaches. Greece is known for having some of the most amazingly beautiful beaches in the entire world. In Parga, there are three beaches that are each a little piece of heaven.

Krioneri Beach: The main beach in Parga is Krioneri Beach, which has incredibly blue water that is as warm as it is beautiful. This is an extremely popular beach for swimming — more specifically for snorkeling because of how clear the water is. Folks come from all over to snorkel at Krioneri Beach, because it’s almost like swimming in a giant swimming pool with plenty of sea life. Don’t worry about bringing the necessary snorkeling equipment with you to Parga. Save that extra space in your travel bag for a nice pair of shoes, because there are shops that line the beach that sell snorkels, water goggles, floatation devices and all kinds of fishing equipment. They also have tables, sunbeds and umbrellas that you can rent for the day at reasonable prices.

Lichnos Beach: If you have yet to book your hotel, there are plenty of hotels right near Lichnos Beach. This is one of the most active beaches, due to all of the water sports that beachgoers partake in here. From waterskiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, you name it, and it’s happening at Lichnos Beach. There are plenty of rental services in the area if you and your guests want to get in on the action. If you are interested, you can even look up some companies that offer lessons for customers of all experience levels. It’s also quite a popular location for people to go fishing, as well. Lichnos Beach has a great reputation for being very clean, and has a fantastic setting, as mountains and trees surround it.

Valtos Beach: While Lichnos Beach is almost like a slightly oversized cove, and Krioneri Beach is widely regarded as the go-to beach in Parga, it is Valtos Beach that is the arguably the most beautiful beach of the trio. Valtos Beach perfectly embodies what paradise is supposed to both look and feel like. Located behind the Venetian Castle of Parga is where you will find this tropical paradise. With its golden sands and crystal clear water, it will not take you long to notice why tourists and locals alike have fallen in love with this beach. The beach is in a lively area of Parga, with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants in close proximity. Simply put, this beach has absolutely everything that you need. Waterskiing, paragliding, windsurfing, canoes, snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing — you certainly have plenty of options to choose from here. Valtos Beach is easily accessible by car, boat or on foot, and it makes for a perfect day during your stay in Parga.

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