What to Do in Parga, Greece

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Parga is one of those places in Greece that seems too scenic to be real. With its ancient castle perched above the water overlooking the view, Parga is one of those idyllic beachside towns that leaves guests feeling peaceful and filled with wonder. Located on the northern Greek coast, this is a popular escape for visitors without being too packed with tourism. Here’s a list of some of the top things you can do while here:

Visit the Archeron River

Although the town is most known for its proximity to the ocean, there’s more to explore here than its beaches. The Archeron River is certainly worth a visit because not only are the views amazing here, but it’s a serene place to spend the day. Hike along the riverbank, dip a toe in the cool water, and enjoy a picnic lunch by the water. You won’t want to miss this! The river also has a rich history, since its very flow is tied into the Nekromanteion and the Greek myths described it as flowing straight into Hades.

Soak Up the Sun at the Beach

Of course, you won’t want to travel to Parga without visiting the beach! In fact, the beaches here are incredibly scenic, so when you’re not relaxing, it’s worth it to take it all in. Valtos Beach and Lichnos Beach are two of the best beaches in the area. If you’re visiting the area for an extended period of time, you’ll have plenty of time to visit both!

View Aphrodite’s Cave

Another thing that you should do while visiting Parga is visit Aphrodite’s Cave. In order to get here, you need to take a short boat ride, but the effort is well worth it. The cave is beautiful and a worthwhile place to spend the day. If possible, visit the cave by taking a boat tour so that you can learn about the history and lore surrounding the cave as you go. You will also have a chance to take some of the best photos of the cave from the boat.

Tour the Venetian Castle

Perched on a hill overlooking the sea, the Venetian Castle is rich with history. Whether you walk around the grounds, snap a few photos of the view, or tour the inside of the castle, this is definitely an experience that is worth having while you’re here. The walk up to the castle is equally as memorable. Give yourself plenty of time to stop in browse all the shops you’ll find along the way.

Visit the Nekromanteion

The Nekromanteion represents an interesting part of the history and culture of the people of Parga. Located near the town, this archaeological site is where the Oracle of Ephyra lived thousands of  years ago. If you decide to visit here, be sure to take one of the tours. The guide will not only explain to you the details of the building itself, but also entertain you with stories and lore surrounding the oracle. In Greek, nekromanteion means, “oracle of death”, and the nearby Archeron River was said to be the path into Hades inGreek mythology.

While visit Parga, you won’t want to miss doing these fun activities!

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