What to Do When Visiting Pylos, Greece

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PylosPylos, Greece is uniquely situated on a bay in the Peloponnese. Located just 50 kilometers or so south of Kalamata, this town is fairly peaceful. However, beneath the charming views and easy way of life, there lies a history that is much more intense. In fact, many consider this town to be one of the most historically important on the peninsula. In one of Homer’s works, he mentioned a place referred to as “Sandy Pylos” and as it turns out, it is pretty close to the modern-day town. It was also one of the few places where the city-state of Athens defeated the Spartans. While here, however, the people have an easy and relaxed air. All that’s left of this somewhat turbulent past are the archaeological findings that have surfaced much later.

While visitors can certainly soak in the past, however, that’s not all there is to do while visiting! Here’s an overview of some of the things to enjoy while visiting Pylos:

Romanos Beach

Ramanos Beach is a lovely, quiet beach that is connected to the Romanos Resort. However, it isn’t only designated for resort guests. There is a restaurant here, as well, and it is also possible to rent a chair to sit. The beach is made up of soft, fine sand and the water is a crystal blue that enthralls guests whenever they gaze at. The parking lot is fairly large, which means that as long as you have a rental car, you can easily drive here to enjoy the beach if you are staying elsewhere on the Peloponnese.

Neo Kastro

Neo Kastro is a large fortressed castle perched on a hill that overlooks Navarino Bay. It was built by the Ottomans in 1573 and is an example of the Turkish influence not only in the Peloponnese, but in the whole of Greece. Visitors can spend some time gazing at the view and also wandering around the property. There is a small museum here, a mosque that is being converted into a church, a courtyard, and even a small prison. Rather than focusing on the Kastro, though, the museum is actually focused on displaying the remains of several shipwrecks, including the ship that held the Parthenon Marbles as they were being transported from Greece to the United Kingdom.

Navarino Bay

This bay was the site of a famous battle during the Greek War for Independence that resulted in an important Greek victory against the Ottoman Empire. Even if you’re not looking to learn a bit about this important battle, though, the Bay itself is worth a visit. It is scenic and picturesque and makes for a nice photo opportunity. There are also some beaches that are also located on it for those who wish to sunbathe. Read up on the Battle of Navarino before you come even if you don’t want want to spend too much time on it – it will help you appreciate this small corner of Pylos even more.

While on Pylos, you won’t want to miss the chance to visit any of these beautiful and historical places.

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