Shopping You Can Enjoy in Antiparos, Greece

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Antiparos is a small Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea. While the island might not be a first choice for many, it does have a lot to offer if you want a destination that will allow you a quiet and more laid back vacation.

Antiparos has a wide variety of shopping, which is sure to thrill you.

Shop for Clothing

The island of Antiparos is home to a number of clothing shops. These shops feature fashionable clothing for men, women, and children, Whether you’re looking for elegance or simplicity, you’ll find it in Antiparos. At Coral Boutique, just one of a few boutiques on the island, they make sure each item sold is carefully designed, tested, and produced in order to sell you the highest quality items.

Shop for Jewelry

If you’re looking for something sparkling and beautiful to take back home with you, jewelry is always a great choice. Whether you prefer large pieces or small, necklaces or bracelets, rings or earrings, you will have plenty to choose from. One of the lovely jewelry shops you will find in Antiparos is called Faenna, which means “shining.” The shop offers both Greek and non-Greek designers all of whom make unique pieces you won’t get anywhere else. Do you like stones or diamonds? How about knitted jewelry? These are the types of pieces you can expect in Faenna and other jewelry stores on the island.

Shop for Accessories

If you’re looking for accessories on the island of Antiparos, you’re in luck! There are shops that sell items such as shoes, bags, more casual and less expensive jewelry options, hats, and much more. One of these shops is called Mariliza. The owner hand-picks and crafts items sold in the store.

Enjoy Local Products

The local products of the island of Antiparos include wine, cheese, and tsipouro. When you’re dining, be sure to try items that you can’t transport back home with you. Braised lamb, wild rabbit stew, and grilled octopus are worth a taste before you leave the island. Take home some local honey and olive oil to remind you of the delicious tastes of the island. You can also find leather products at small traditional workshops on the island.

Enjoy Some Window Shopping

Whether you plan to buy or not, window shopping is always a pleasure. And some things are lovely to look at, but would be more difficult to take back home with you. Such is the case with a shop like the one called K House Decoration. While items like dishes and teacups might not be the most convenient items to buy, you might find smaller items you adore such as small decorations or dish towels to remind you of your visit to the island of Antiparos.

The island of Antiparos has wonderful shopping opportunities available. The island might be small, but the shopping options are big. Getting to the island is possible via ferry from Paros.

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