What to Do When Visiting Folegandros

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Beautiful view of the shoreline, the Aegean sea and the rocky mountains of Folegandros, an amazing island from Greece 2013.Folegandros is a smaller island near the Crete Sea that has a beautiful charm all its own. It’s only about 12 kilometers by 4 kilometers but people that visit here find that instead of its size making the island feel cramped, it’s just the opposite. The villages here are roomy and cozy at the same time, and the people are eager to welcome any travelers. Here is an overview of the types of things you can do when visiting the charming island of Folegandros:

Go to the Beach

Like most Greek islands, the beaches on Folegandros are one of the main draws too the island. Sunny and idyllic, these beaches provide the perfect escape for the weary traveler. Also, many of the beaches have sun beds and tavernas nearby, which can add to the charm of the outing. Be sure to visit Katergo Beach, which is one of the prettiest and most developed beaches on the island. It is also family friendly and a great way to spend the day. Other beaches to visit include Livadaki Beach, Agali Beach, Agios Nikolaos Beach, Livadi Beach, and Ambeli Beach.

Visit a Church

As is the case with most of Greece, there are some churches on Folegandros that make for a nice excusion. The Church of Panagia, or Virgin Mary, is one of those places. Visitors consider this excursion to be a nice walk, and it is said that this is one of the best places on the island to watch the sunset. Try to get there when the church is still open, though, so that you can see what it looks like on the inside. The Orthodox icons and furnishings are always beautiful to look at!

Enjoy Outdoor Sports

If you love to be at the beach but don’t want to lounge int he sun, consider viewing it from a different angle! Folegandros is a great location for both scuba diving and snorkeling and there are plenty of opportunities all over the island for both of these things. You can either go out to the waters yourself if you know what you’re doing or consider booking an excursion or hiring a guide who will show you around and point out all the best places to view what’s underneath the water.

Take in the Culture

For those who love cultural pursuits, there are also some things on Folegandros that are worth a visit.  Consider spending some time in the Ecological and Folklore Museum, which is considered one of the top things to do on the island. Here, visitors can learn about the ecology and folkloric history of the island and of the rest of Greece. There are also cultural tours that you can take that will give you a nice overview of the way that people on the island live. The traditional Greek way of life is healthy and balanced, and it’s fun to get an overview of what it’s like.

The Greek island of Folegandros is beautiful and relaxing and there is certainly plenty to do!

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