What To Do in Schinoussa, Greece

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The beautiful island of Schinoussa has much to offer visitors of all ages and interests. The locals are kind and welcoming and the natural beauty is breathtaking. Schinoussa, Greece might be small, but don’t be fooled by its size. The island has a lot to offer. Here is just some of what you can expect to do when in Schinoussa.

Try the Local Food and Drink

The island of Schinoussa produces many cheeses that include: xinomizithra, ladotiri, and kopanisti. The traditional drink of the island is called rakomelo, which is an alcoholic drink made of raki and wine. Rakomelo is served in many of the taverns and coffee shops around the island. When enjoying meals in Schinoussa, try the lobster pasta; meletinia, a traditional cheese pie; and xerotigana, a sweet pastry made with honey.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty

Schinoussa Island is home to some breathtaking natural sites that you won’t want to miss. The Cave of Maniatis, also known as the Pirate Cave, is a site worth exploring. Tradition says that a pirate that came from the district of Mani in the Peloponnese came to the island and robbed the Church of Panagia Akathi.

While robbing the church, he felt as though he was being watched by Virgin Mary and he proceeded to shoot the icon. As he ran from the church, he fell into the cave and died. The Gorge of Harakas is located in Halepes in Schinoussa. The gorge is a limestone formations that begins at Panagia Village and extends to the area between the Beach of Tsigouri and the Harbor of Mersini. This is an interesting area to hike and climb.

Explore the Capital of Schinoussa

Panagia, or Hora, the capital of Schinoussa is located at the central area of the island. The village features traditional architecture o the Cyclades that includes whitewashed houses and charming narrow alleys. The village was built away from the sea as to be protected from pirate attacks during ancient times.

The Church of Panagia Akathi is a must-see in Panagia. From the village of Panagia, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding islands. Every beach of the island can be accessed via hiking and donkey trails.

Have an adventure

Schinoussa, Greece is a great destination for anyone who loves the great outdoors. The water surrounding the island is perfect for diving, windsurfing, spear fishing, sailing, and yachting. If you prefer to stay on dry land, hiking opportunities around Schinoussa are plenty. You will find hiking trails to suit various difficulty levels. Every hike comes with beautiful scenery and a chance to see areas of the island you might not otherwise see.

Excursions from Schinoussa island are also available. You can take a boat trip to the island of Donoussa, another lovely island of the small Cyclades. The islands of Koufonisia are also destinations you can get to from Schinoussa. Boat trips offer you a chance to see the surrounding landscapes from your place on the water.

Schinoussa is one of those destinations in Greece that you won’t want to miss. These activities are perfect to do while here.

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