Things to Do in Skiathos, Greece

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Skiathos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Skiathos is full of culture, history, and beauty. The beaches offer breathtaking turquoise waters, the pine forests add green to the island, and the sunset is always a treat to see. Skiathos is considered the most cosmopolitan island of the Sporades. Needless to say, there is plenty to do in Skiathos.

Spend Time Outdoors

Skiathos, Greece is an ideal place for outdoor activities. There are plenty of trails for biking and walking. In fact, there are 25 hiking trails totalling 197 kilometers. One of the loveliest routes starts in Skiathos Town and winds up at the Castle of Skiathos. If you’d rather camp than stay in a hotel, you’re in luck. The beach of Koukounaries has camping sites. Something else you can enjoy at Koukounaries Beach is horseback riding. The riding experiences take place just behind the beach along the forested roads. If you enjoy water sports, you can go sailing. You can also take boat trips and boat tours.

Enjoy Good Food and Drink

The island of Skiathos is home to many coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. You will find bars, cocktail bars, and clubs at Banana Beach, Ambelakia Beach, and throughout Skiathos Town. Whether you’re in the mood for Greek, Mediterranean, or seafood, you’ll find it. Local products of the island include olive oil, wine, handmade pasta, and a local alcoholic drink called tsipouro. Local specialties you can try include: cheese pie, octopus with fava, the fish soup of Kakavia, and crawfish with cabbage.

Visit the Town of Skiathos

The capital and harbor of the island of Skiathos is a beautiful place to visit. Admire the whitewashed houses have red tiled roofs as you walk the narrow streets of the town. Much of the population of the island is in Skiathos Town, so you’ll find everything you need there. The main street of the town is Papadiamanti. The old harbor and the commercial harbor are separated by a small peninsula called Bourtzi. Bourtzi used to be a fortress. It was established in 1207 by the Gizi brother. In 1660, the fortress was destroyed. Then in 1906, a school was built on the peninsula. Today, the peninsula is a beautiful area to walk and take in the views.

Visit the Lagoon of Strofilia

Nature and bird lovers will feel right at home at the Lagoon of Strofilia. Located on the southwest side of the island, the lagoon is an important space for migratory birds. The landscape of the area is beautiful and the lagoon, along with the forest, have been named as a Wildlife Refuge. The pines and shrubs help to shelter wild animals such as turtles, hedgehogs, foxes, jackals, and otters. You will be treated to the scents of pine, thyme, cedar, and sage as you explore the forest area. Sea bass, eels, and flathead mullets also find refuge in the area.

Skiathos Island is perfect for lovers of the outdoors, exploration, and of course good food.

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