What to Do in Thessaly, Greece

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Thessaly, Greece is nestled between the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and the mountains of Epirus. Thessaly is rich in myths and tales, heritage, history, and natural beauty. When visiting Thessaly, there is so much to see and explore. Here are some of the things you can do when in Thessaly, Greece.

Try Local Products

Some of the products that Thessaly produces includes yogurt, butter, and a variety of cheeses that would want to try. The olive oil and wines produced throughout Thessaly are also worth tasting. In the Meteora region of Thessaly some of the local specialities include: cheese pie, spinach pie, homemade sausages, and soutzouki, which is made from unfermented grape juice and nuts. Local products of the Pelion region of Thessaly include: blackberry liquor, honey and jams, and specialities such as roasted sausage and stuffed lamb with rice and greens.

Enjoy Outdoor Sports

The Lake Plastira region of Thessaly is the perfect destination for anyone who loves outdoor sports. Kayaking and canoeing around the lake gives you the chance to see traditional villages, fjords, and places you can only access from the water. If you’re looking for a romantic outdoor date, try horseback riding. If you want to try something new, archery is available. The Meteora region of Thessaly is where you can bird watch, go mountain biking, or enjoy long hikes. The Pelion region is also rich in outdoor sports options that include horseback riding, kayaking, canyoning, hiking, and boat trips.

Visit the Tower of Agia

The Meteora region of Thessaly, Greece is known for its monasteries, but there are other important monuments you can visit as well. One of the is the Tower of Agia, which is the highest tower in the area. It reaches a height of 630 meters. During the classical period, the Tower of Agia served as the local acropolis. The Tower of Agia is a wonderful site itself to see, but the hike up to the tower is challenging and a perfect choice for adventure lovers. This hike and sight-seeing choice is best done with an experienced guide.

Explore the Town of Karditsa

Karditsa is a town where almost everyone seems to own a bike. It’s the perfect mode of transportation for this small town. Karditsa is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a laid-back day of exploring. The attractions around the town are close together, so you only need to walk. If you’d like to rent a bike, you can do that too. You will realize quickly that the people of Karditsa like to be out and about. Karditsa is home to two charming squares and a large park. The Archaeological Museum of Karditsa is a must-see when visiting the town. Exhibits showcase items such as tools, statues, figurines, jewelry, pottery, and more. From Karditsa, you can easily get to Lake Plastira and the nearby cities of Volos, Larissa, and Trikala.

Thessaly, Greece is a great place to visit. You should consider doing some of these activities and seeing some of the sites!

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