Come face-to-face with history at the Acropolis Museum

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I’m a huge history buff. I love reading books about history, watching documentaries about history and talking about history. But the ultimate experience for myself, and fellow history-lovers, is being up close and personal with history.

If you have any interest in Greek history at all, you need to visit the Acropolis Museum. If you are AcropolisMuseumworking with a tightly planned schedule, I highly recommend setting aside some time to visit the museum. Don’t cheat yourself out of an amazing experience, because that is exactly what this museum will be for you. Plan your visit accordingly, as the Acropolis Museum holds more than 4,250 objects on display — which is the largest collection of Greek architecture and ancient sculptures — for your viewing pleasure at the museum. For those keeping score at home, that is more than ten times the amount of items that were being displayed in the Acropolis museum that had existed prior to this one. With an entry fee of 5 Euros for adults, 3 Euros for senior citizens and free for children, it’s an absolute bargain that is sure to be one of the major highlights of your stay in Greece.

With prices that low to get you in the door, the only thing it’s really going to cost you is time, but it’s totally worth it. Enhance your experience by choosing to explore and absorb the museum on a guided tour. If you’re looking to get the most out of your visit, this is a wise choice, as the Acropolis Museum is home to thousands of years of Greek history. The guided tours do a wonderful job of delving into the ancient Greek civilization, Greek culture and Greek history, with the primary focus being the history of Acropolis. It’s well worth the price of admission and then some.

The Acropolis Museum opened its doors to the public in June of 2009, and most of the items that are on display had been in storage for 200 years or longer, prior to the grand opening. The beauty about this destination is that not only is a no-brainer of an addition to the to-do list for anybody who has never been to Athens before, but it is so new that folks who have visited Athens in the past now have something new to see. The museum is beyond beautifully constructed, and was meticulously designed so that natural light will shine through on the exhibits, which allows visitors to see the artifacts as they were originally intended to be seen.

Oh, and if for some reason you have that one person in your group who can’t be bothered by museums, I’m sure that they will change their tune when you direct them to the museum’s outside restaurant that boasts top notch Greek cuisine. Strategically plan your day so that when you finish your journey through time at the Acropolis Museum, you can stroll through the gift shop for a memento from your visit, and then head directly to the museum’s restaurant. You will not be disappointed.

For more information regarding the museum’s visiting hours and ticketing information, click here!

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