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Arachova is a mountain town in the western area of Boeotia, Greece. Arachova is on the southern slope of Mount Parnassus. Below Arachova is the valley of the river Pleistos. There is much greenery around Arachova including fir, olive, and walnut trees. Close to the town of Arachova is a cave called Corykion Andron that is rich in stalagmites and stalactites. There is a ski center (Parnassos Ski Centre) located to the north of Arachova.

Archaeologists say that the town of Arachova (under a different name) was established around the 9th century BC. An early find in the area was a prehistoric cave in Livadi that was a temple dedicated to the god Pan. Tradition says that women from surrounding areas would gather at the cave every five years and wear disguises while they dances all night under the light of torches.

The name of the town of Arachova likely comes from the abundance of walnut trees that grow there. The words ara and hova mean “walnut trees” in Slavic. The first known record of the town is found in Homer’s Illiad. Two famous generals, Epistrophos and Schedias, from the old towns of Anemoria and Kiparissos are mentioned in relation to the Trojan War in 2,000 BC.

Around 334 BC, Philip II of Macedonia destroyed the town of Arachova, causing residents to move over the hills. Eventually, Arachova would be rebuilt. Travelers in the 14th century would speak well of the area as a populated town with many churches. In 1809, Lord Byron described the local women as “very kind and polite.”

In 1826, the Greeks beats the Turks in the Battle of Arachova. The battle was a decisive moment in history of the Greek Revolution. It has almost ended unsuccessfully, but small Greek troops were still fighting Turks in the mountains. Many of these fights were not successful for the Greeks. The win at the Battle of Arachova would be a turning point for the Greek Revolution, bringing greater confidence and enthusiasm.

Administrative Region of Arachova, Greece

Central Greece

Area of Arachova, Greece

139.45 km2 (53.84 sq mi)

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Top Attractions in Arachova, Greece

Church of Agios Georgios – Located on a hill overlooking the town. This church is dedicated to the protector saint of Arachova. 250 marble stairs lead up to the church from the central street of Arachova.
Corycian Cave – 10 km from Arachova, this cave is also known as Sarantavli. This cave is rich with stalactites and stalagmites. It is thought this cave was used as a temple devoted to worshipping the god Pan and the nymphs.
Parnassos National Park – Located close to Arachova and Delphi. This park was created in 1938 and is 36 million square meters (the second largest Greek national park). Pine forests, oregano, cedar, laurel, and arbutus are just some of what grows here. There are also many animals, especially birds.
Ski Centers – There are three ski centers between 10 – 30 km from Arachova. Ski, snowboard, or try another winter sports at these centers. They are well organized and beautiful ski centers you’ll enjoy spending time at.
Kalyvia Village – 10 km from Arachova, on the way to the Parnassos Ski Center. It is also a short distance from Delphi. The area of Kalyvia has a rocky landscape and is perfect for hiking.


Things to Do in Arachova, Greece

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