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Nea Nikomedeia – Early Settlement in Ancient Greece

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It is true that Greece is one of the oldest countries in Europe. This means that there were several important time periods in Ancient Greece, and each of them played in important role in shaping the country of Greece today. The Neolithic Period, which took place in between 7000 and 3200 B.C. Settlements that were established in this time period are long regarded as being amongst the oldest in both Greece and Europe. Nea Nikomedeia is one of these places. Here’s a look at the history of this settlement:

Location of Nea Nikomedeia

Today, the modern-day village of Braniata, which is in the State of Macedonia in Greece, stands close to the site of the old Nea Nikomedeia settlement. However, this village was founded in the early 1920’s by refugees who came from Nicomedia, which at the time was located in Antolia in Asia Minor (now Turkey). In the early 1950’s the village’s name was changed to “New Nicomedia” or “Nea Nikomedeia” in honor of its ancient roots. The site of the old settlement is about two kilometers away from the much newer village.

Early Settlement in Macedonia

As mentioned above, Nea Nikomedeia is considered to be one of the earliest known settlements not only in Macedonia, but also in both Greece and in Europe. What was important about the Neolithic Era not only in Greece, but in all of Europe, is that this is when the idea of farming spread throughout Europe. Because of that, people started to settle in certain areas so that they could work the land. Nea Nikomedeia is actually considered to be the earliest of the settlements in Neolithic Greece and is estimated to have had a population of around 500-700 people. Those who lived there worked the land and enjoyed the fertile soil.

Homes in Nea Nikomedeia

One of the most interesting things about the archeological site at Nea Nikomedeia is that the houses were fairly unique. Archaeologists were able to determine that the homes were roughly 12 x 12 meters in area and the site itself is roughly 1,690 square meters, which means that it was fairly large, especially for the time period. The size of the homes was pretty typical for all the dwellings that originated in Neolithic Greece. They had a timber frame and were made using wattle and daub, or twigs and other matter that were fused together with an adhesive material. Other items were found near the homes, such as tools made of bones, figurines, and pottery, such as clay vessels. These items give archaeologists and historians valuable insights about how those in Neolithic Greece lived.

Why Nea Nikomedeia Was Founded

It is true that those who were alive in Neolithic Greece were motivated to become farmers. These people had figured out how to grow their own food, but they needed to find a great place to grow their crops. Many people chose Nea Nikomedeia to settle because the land was deemed worthy enough for farming. The tools found at the site, for example, show that the people who lived here were farmers.

When learning about Neolithic Greece, it is important to understand why Nea Nikomedeia was founded.


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