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History of the Hellenic Army of Greece

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The Hellenic Army has its roots in the Greek War of Independence, and it is still going strong today. Formed in 1828, which is a few years before the Greek War of Independence, the Hellenic Army is dedicated to protecting the country of Greece and its people. Their motto, “Freedom Stems from Valour,” shows that the army is committed to its cause. Here’s more information about the history and mission of the Hellenic Army:

About the Hellenic Army

The Hellenic Army is dedicated to defending the nation’s independence, safety, and integrity. With this mission comes the responsibility of safeguarding Greek land and territories while also following through with the policy objectives of government officials. During times of peace, the Hellenic Army is responsible for being ready for any type of danger or threat to the safety and security of the country. This includes contributing to overall global peace initiatives and providing social aid and support for its citizens.

History of the Hellenic Army

The Hellenic Army was formed by the temporary Greek government during the historic Greek Way of Independence, taking place during the years of 1821-1829. Under the leadership of Ioannis Kapodistrias between the years of 1828–1831, the national military underwent a massive reorganization. From this organization came the Hellenic Army as it is known today. The army was nearly wiped out following the assassination of Kapodistrias in 1831.

Some of the most notable periods with high army activity include the Decade of Wars between the years 1912 and 1922 and its involvement in World War II. The Hellenic Army has also been a participant in World War I, the First and Second Balkan Wars, the Greek Civil War, and the Korean War. Most recently, the army sent forces to fight in the War in Afghanistan. At the current time, the Hellenic Army is playing a small role in both the War on Terrorism and the continuing military situation in Kosovo.

Facts About the Hellenic Army

The name of this army is derived from the term Hellenic, a synonym for Greek. As the largest and most comprehensive of the three separate branches of the Hellenic Armed Forces, the army serves a pivotal role in the protection of the country. The other two branches that work in tandem with the Hellenic Army are the Hellenic Air Force and the Hellenic Navy. The chief ranking member of the Hellenic Army General Staff is the ultimate commander of the army. This person works under the direction of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff.

The Hellenic Army Emblem features a two-headed eagle complete with a Greek cross symbol located in the middle. The army operates a wide range of equipment, ranging from Cold War artifacts to modern pieces of warfare. This branch of the military is divided into three classes of personnel, known as the professional, volunteer, and conscript specifications. The army currently boasts approximately 90,000 personnel on active duty, with roughly one-third of these designated as conscripted.

The Hellenic Army features a rich history of serving its citizens and government, and this dedication is still going strong today.


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