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Jason is a hero from ancient Greek mythology who is mostly associated with his group of soldiers and sailors, known as the Argonauts. He led the Argonauts on a mission for the Golden Fleece. He is one of the most well known of all the Greek heroes and his story has been told for thousands of years. Here’s a look at the basics of who Jason is and what he is most known for:

About the Greek Mythological Hero Jason

He was the offspring of Aeson, the rightful king of a place called Iolcus. The identity of his mother is uncertain, though it is most likely Alcimede. Through his mother’s side, he is the great-grandson of the god Hermes. Other than Alcimede, the women who may be his mother include Polymede, Amphinome, Theognete, Rhoe and Ame. Jason was married to a sorceress by the name of Madea. The names of the children who he conceived with her include Alcimenes, Thessalus, Tisander, Memeros, Pheres, Eriopis, Medus and Argus. Jason also conceived children with another women named Hypsipyle. The names of these children incude Thoas, Deipylus, Nebrophonus and the twins Eunes and Lemnos.

How Jason’s Quest for the Gold Fleece Started

Jason was tasked with taking his father’s place as king of Iolcus, though his half-uncle, Pelias, took the position from under him. Pelias overthrew Aeson and killed all of his children—except for one. Jason was a baby at the time, and he survived because he was sent as a stillborn to be raised by Centaur Chiron. When he reached adulthood, Jason left the presence of Chiron and returned to Iolcus. According to an ancient prophecy, Pelias’s life was in danger. In order to lessen the chance of this prophecy coming true, Pelias wanted Jason as far away from Iolcus as possible. To get him away from Iolcus, Pelias sent him on a mission that would be impossible to achieve—finding the Golden Fleece.

Jason Receives Help from Others

Jason had a large stature, yet he received a lot of help from different people along the way as he went on his journey. He was helped by his crew members, the goddess Hera and Madea. Hera chose to help Jason because she wanted to get back at Pelias for not honoring her. Madea chose to help Jason and fell in love with him. About a few years after the expedition was over, Jason left Madea for Creusa, the princess of Corinth. As a result of jealousy, anger and sadness, Madea killed two sons that she had with Jason, as well as Creusa.

Jason’s Other Adventures

On the journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece, Jason and his crew of heroes go through many trials and tribulations. The first place that they reached on their travels was the island of Lemnos. Lemnos was only inhabited by women. The women on the island had killed their men for bringing in concubines. The men had brought in concubines because Aphrodite made the bodies of the women on the island smell bad. The Argonauts stayed on this island for a while, bred with the women and created a race called the Minyans.

After Leomnos, the Argonauts ended up in the land of the Doliones. The king of the Doliones greeted them. However, as they were gathering supplies, a race of giants who lived on the island attacked them. Through a fierce battle, they survived.

Next, they stopped in Salmydessus in Thrace, where they helped the king who was in trouble. As a result, the king told them where Colchis was and how to get through the clashing rocks. When they came to Colchi, the king of that region had the Golden Fleece and said that he would only give it to Jason if he completed a few tasks in a day that were seemingly impossible. Jason performed well and received the fleece.

Jason was able to do the impossible–retrieve the Golden Fleece–after a series of adventures, trials and tribulations. He was sent on the mission by a half uncle who purposely wanted him to go away. However, he accomplished the mission and reigned supreme in the story.


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