How to Successfully Date a Friend

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Date a FriendAre you on a quest to find a Greek single who will potentially be great relationship material? If so, then you may not need to look much further than your own friends. Dating a Greek friend can be tricky, but it can also be highly rewarding. Here are some tips that will help you successfully date a friend without compromising your friendship.

Why Being in a Relationship With a Friend Works

Dating a friend begins when you realize that the friendship provides a great foundation for a relationship. In fact, some of the best long-term relationships have their roots in a loving friendship. The initial feelings of attractiveness can fade over time. As a couple progresses, the thing that keeps them together over the long term is how strong their friendship is.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is the absolute simplest way to assess if someone shares your feelings. If she returns the eye contact and doesn’t look away, chances are good that your friend shares your feelings. There is an art to doing this, however. If you hold the gaze for too long, you risk looking creepy. If you don’t do it long enough, it won’t be effective. Look your love interest in the eye for around ten seconds before looking away.

Start Flirting

Flirting can be a good way to determine if your friendship has relationship potential. There are some tactics that are flirty without being overly aggressive. Touch her arm while she’s telling you a story. Laugh at her jokes. Tease her in a lighthearted way without being cruel. Use whichever tactics make you feel comfortable and make sense for your personalities. If she responds well by flirting back, chances are pretty good that she returns your affections.

Know if You Should Back Off

When you make eye contact, does she look away rather than return the gaze? Does she act like she feels awkward when you start to flirt? Has she made comments that you’ve been acting weird? These are all telltale signs that you should back off and not pursue this any further. Chances are pretty good that she doesn’t return your feelings and you may ruin the friendship if you bring it up. However, you may try to flirt and make eye contact again in a few months to see if she’s changed her mind.

Be Honest With Your Feelings

Have you made eye contact a few times with great results? Do you flirt on a regular basis? Well, it is time to consider having a conversation with your friend to see how she really feels. Some people worry that this will ultimately affect the friendship. However, if your friendship really is strong, a conversation like this won’t hurt what you already have. Rather, it opens up the possibility of taking things to the next level. Simply tell her that you like her as more than a friend and see how she responds.

Sometimes, a great friendship is a nice starting point for a relationship. However, not every friendship will develop into a relationship. The real art is figuring out if your friend is the perfect Greek single to spend your life with.

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