Greek Allspice: Cooking and Medicinal Info

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Allspice, known as αρωματοπιπέρι (aromatopiperi) in Greek, is also commonly used in Greek cooking. It is one of those spices that is used both in sweet and savory dishes. Some use it in patties such as baklava, but it is also commonly find in meat recipes, such as stifado, which is a type of stew. It also has some medicinal properties to consider. Here’s more information about this popular spice:

Where is Allspice from in Greece?

Even though this is a popular spice often used in Greek cuisine, it isn’t native to Greece. In fact, it is most commonly grown in places like Mexico and throughout Central America. The spice is often imported to Greece. If this spice isn’t available, other spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, which are a little more widely available in Greece, can be substituted. Allspice is an acquired taste and many Greek chefs don’t prefer to use it in the first place.

How Does Allspice Taste?

Dried, whole allspice is similar to appearance as black pepper, but the flavor is completely different. The dried berries can be purchased whole and then ground as needed by the chef. You can also buy allspice already ground, but fans of this spice believe that it tastes better when you grind it yourself. This spice has a warm, sweet flavor that tastes great in desserts, like baklava and kataifi and heavier meat dishes, like kapama and stifado.

What Recipes Use Allspice?

Lamb Shanks  Beef Kapama  Chicken Kapama Stifado  Baklava  Kataifi

What Are the Herbal Remedies for Allspice?

Allspice isn’t a common spice used for medicine in Greece because it isn’t widely available and has to be imported. However, it is a spice that can be used very well for medicinal purposes. It is especially good for digestive complaints, such as flatulence and stomach aches and diarrhea. It is also good for complaints such as fevers, high blood pressure, and colds. Before using this spice for medicinal purposes, you’ll want to speak to a medical professional.

Interesting Facts About Allspice:

Allspice is a native plant to the Caribbean, and for the most part, it wasn’t well known in Europe until Christopher Columbus discovered it and brought it back with him. There was a time when allspice was incredibly popular, but the supply of it has been depleted and the trees are no longer as plentiful as they used to be. It is one of those spices that complements other warm spices very well, such as nutmeg and cinnamon.


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