About Kassandra, Greece

Kassandra is a peninsula and municipality in Halkidiki, Greece. Kassandra is called the “left foot” of the Halkidiki. The beaches on this peninsula are typically sandy. There is one small lake in the peninsula of Kassandra called Mavrobara. Three rare species of Testudinata (tetrapods with a true turtle shell).
After the founding of the Roman colony of Cassandreia in 43 BC, the entire peninsula of Pallene (the former name of Kassandra) was included in the colony’s territory. The center of the peninsula was the city of Cassandreia, at the site of ancient Potidaia. Cassandreia was destroyed by the Huns in either 539 or 540 AD. Emperor Justinian I would then build a wall at the entrance of the peninsula.

The peninsula of Kassandra would come under brief Venetian control in 1423, along with Thessaloniki. It would be captured by the Ottoman Empire around 1430.

Kassandra would rebel against the Ottomans in 1821. They managed to stop the Turkish army from fighting the south Greece rebels and was in turn burnt from edge to edge. The refugees would then move to other islands including: Evois, Alonnisos, Skopelos, and Skiathos. The peninsula would not be inhabited for over 30 years. In 1912, the peninsula of Kassandra would become part of Greece.

In the 20th century, the peninsula would begin to have paved roads. After World War II and the Greek Civil War, the peninsula of Kassandra would see tourism begin to arrive. During the 1970s and 1980s, with the tourism industry on the peninsula growing, more roads were paved. Agriculture was replaced as the main industry on Kassandra by tourism.

Administrative Region of Kassandra Peninsula, Greece

Central Macedonia

Area of Kassandra Peninsula, Greece

Municipality: 334.3 km2 (129.1 sq mi)

Municipal Unit: 206.1 km2 (79.6 sq mi)

Population of Kassandra Peninsula, Greece

Municipality: 19, 231

Municipal Unit: 10,760

Top Attractions of Kassandra Peninsula, Greece

Church Agios Dimitrios – The church was built in 1858 on the ruins of an older church dedicated to tha same saint. This is a three-aisled basilica with a dome, a bell tower, and a garden. The center aisle has an icon of Virgin Mary of Afitos dated to the 14th century.
Poseidon’s Temple – The oldest temple of Poseidon located in Poseidi. The area was called Ancient Mende in antiquity. Excavations revealed four large buildings.
Tower of Sani – Also known as the Tower of Stavronikitas. It is located on the hill of the Sani Hotel, which is the site of where the acropolis of the ancient town is thought to have been. The tower was built in 1543 and stands 8 meters tall.
Kipsa Beach – Located between Sani and Siviri. A lesser known beach, but very beautiful. This is an ideal beach for couples, solo travelers, or friends.
Sani Beach – A well-organized beach the features blue, shallow water. The long beach is perfect for strolling. There are also plenty of beach bars where you can quench your thirst and listen to music.
Folklore museum of Polichrono – Located behind St. Athanasios Church. The museum showcases farming tools, equipment used to make bread, everyday household goods, and traditional costumes. There is also a small library that has history books.
Fourka Beach – Olive trees, pinewoods, and other trees and flowers surround this beach. The sea is crystal blue and ideal for swimming. The perfect place to watch the sunset from.
Tower of Nea Fokea – A Byzantine tower that sits on a hill to the right of Nea Fokea’s port. It was built in 1407 and set fire to in 1821. The roof was reconstructed in 1976.
Siviri Beach – If you don’t mind a busy beach, this one is for you. There are lots of modern beach bars as well as traditional taverns. The water is shallow and ideal for swimming with the family.
Panagia Faneromeni – 2 km from Nea Skioni close to the sea. This chapel was built during the 16th century. There is an icon of Madonna painted in a base of a statue inside the chapel.


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