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Conservolia are large, oval-shaped olives the are mainly used as table olives in Greece. Olives that belong to the Conservolia variety include: Atalanta, Agrinio, Amphissa, Stylida, and Volos, which represents where the olive is grown. These olives are typically used in the making of olive oil. It is estimated that 80% of olive oil produced in Greece comes from the Conservolia variety.

Conservolia are black olives that grow in Central and West Greece. These areas have hot, dry summer and cool, wet winters, which are the ideal conditions for growing olives. When the Conservolia olives are ready for picking, they are dark in color. Volos olives are allowed to ripe to a deep purple color on the tree before they are picked. Harvesting mainly occurs from October through December. Black olives begin as a dark green hue and then turn a dark cocoa brown to black color as they become mature.

Conservolia Greek olives pair well with cheese and bread. They also go well with stuffed grape leaves and hummus making it the perfect olive to add to any snack tray. For meals, Conservolia olives pair well with many soups and stews, Greek olive flatbread with feta and roasted red peppers. If you’re looking for a wine to enjoy with Conservolia olives, try Pinot Noir. Conservolia Greek olives pair especially well with Greek dishes.

Type of Greek Olive

Conservolia Greek olives are found in a number of colors including green, dark red, bluish black, dark brown, and black. They have a medium-soft texture. Conservolia, though soft, are not mushy olives. They are a large, oval-shaped olive.

Where Conservolia Greek Olives are Produced

Conservolia Greek olives are grown in Central and West Greece where the hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters are their ideal growing conditions.

Conservolia Greek Olive Flavor Description

Conservolia Greek olives have a fruity flavor with hints of red wine after being processed in a natural sea salt brine for a few months.

Atalanta Greek olives are brine-cured and slightly tart. Their flavor makes them the perfect addition to seafood dishes, pizza, and pasta sauces.

Agrinio Greek olives are cracked and brine-cured, giving them a tangy sour taste.

Amfissa Greek olives are firm and crisp with a buttery taste and hints of citrus. They are mildly sweet and pair well with Greek feta cheese, goat cheese, and olive and herb roasted potatoes.

Facts About Conservolia Greek Olives

  • Conservolia olives that are harvested when green are used to produce extra virgin olive oil.
  • The red wine flavor of Conservolia olives comes from the natural yeast on the skin of the olive.
  • The life expectancy of an olive tree is around 300 – 600 years, but some live as long as 1,000 years.
  • Since ancient times, the olive has been considered a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, health, beauty, and power
  • Conservolia Greek olives are resistant to shriveling skin.
  • Black and blond Conservolia Greek olives are placed directly in brine.
  • Black and blond Conservolia olives are preserved by natural fermentation.
  • Olives by the names of Volos, Atalanta, Stylidam Agrinio, and Amphissa belong to the Conservolia variety.

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