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Halkithiki are green olives that are large and oval-shaped. Their size has lead to them being called “donkey olives.” In fact, their large size makes them perfect for stuffing. The Kalkithiki Greek olives are processed through brine curing that gives them a meatier texture. The Halkithiki olive is produced in Halkidiki Peninsula of Greece where the climate is perfect and the soil is rich.

Thanks to these ideal conditions, this olive is considered one of the superior table olives produced in Greece. The olives are harvested from the middle of September until the end of October. Many of the Halkithiki Greek olives are harvested while young and still green, but the black Halkithiki olives are harvested approximately two months later when they are adults.

Halkithiki olives are mainly cured with a natural brine fermentation, which is water, sea salt, and sometimes lactic acid. This process is what gives the olives their meaty texture and tart flavor.

The Halkithiki olive is plump and tastes fruity, buttery, and briny. There is a subtle sour taste to the olive as well as a light peppery taste. The Halkithiki Greek olive pairs well with sun-dried tomatoes, almonds, and feta. They are a nice addition to snack plates and can be enjoyed on their own as well. Halkithiki olives also go nicely with hummus. They can also be stuffed with ingredients including blue cheese, almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, and anything else that one may enjoy with olives. You will usually find these olives pitted, which makes for convenience.

Halkithiki olives are a wonderful source of nutrients. They are a rich source of omega fatty acids, iron, copper, and vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant helps to fight against free radicals that damage cells in the body. They are also anti-inflammatory and may help prevent arthritis.

Type of Greek Olive

Halkithiki is a green Greek olive that is large, plump, and oval-shaped. They have a prominent tip at the bottom as well. They are processed through brine curing, which gives them a firmer meat texture.

Where Halkithiki Greek Olives are Produced

Halkithiki olives are produced in the Halkidiki Peninsula where the climate and soil is ideal for their growth.

Halkithiki Greek Olive Flavor Description

Halkithiki olives taste fruity, buttery, and briny. There are subtle sour notes and a hint of pepper.

Facts About Halkithiki Greek Olive

  • Olives are an important part of the Mediterranean diet.
  • Halkithiki Greek olives are commonly harvested when still young and green.
  • These olives turn black when they are harvested when fully ripened.
  • Halkithiki olives are also known as Halkidiki olives.
  • They are typically larger than the Conservolia olives.
  • The pit of the Halkithiki olives are slightly curved.

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