Archaeological Museum of Delphi – Home of Greece’s Famous Oracle

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When learning about Greek mythology and even parts of Greek history, the Oracle of Delphi, Greece’s most famous oracle, is often mentioned. The interesting thing about the stories is that Delphi is a real place, and the shrine dedicated to her was real, as well. It is because of this that the Archaeological Museum of Delphi should top your list of important museums in Greece to visit during your trip. Like many ancient places in Greece, this is one of those sites where myth and history seem to coexist. Here’s some information about this important museum:

History of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi

This museum was originally built in 1903 and to this day remains one of the ost visited museums in all of Greece. Today, the museum is run by the Greek Ministry of Culture. The original museum, which was built in May of 1903, was rather small and didn’t house a large collection. However, as more artifacts were discovered and more displays added, it was clear that a larger museum was needed. The current builing underwent a massive renovation starting in 1999 and construction ended in 2003. Alexandros Tombazis, a Greek architect, is the one who designed the current renovations.

What You’ll See at the Archaeological Museum of Delphi

There are a few things that are worth seeing as you visit the museum. First of all, the museum itself house mutliple rooms that are all filled with artifacts found at the archaeological digs that took place in Delphi. Basically, the museum itself contains the history of the sanctuary at Delphi. Although you can easily spend the whole day in the museum itself, it is also worth visiting the physical location of the sanctuary so that you can gain appreciation for the history of Delphi even more. The museum itself has fourteen rooms that are located on two levels.

Interesting Artifacts to Watch for at the Archaeological Museum of Delphi

In addition to its permanent exhibits, the museum also has some temporary displays. Since the exhibits change all the time, we will only be discussing the permanent artifacts. Since the museum focuses on the history of the sanctuary at Delphi, all the artifacts are displayed in that context. The exhibits in the museum are also shown in order of when they happened. Main displays include information about the Sanctuary of Pronaia, votive pit of the Sacred Way, Temple of Apollo, Siphnian Treasury. Artifacts that tell the overall story include maps, art, pottery, texts, sketches, and more. Be sure not to miss the Head of a Griffon, statue of Cleobis and Biton, Statue of a Bull, and a statue of the Sphinx of Naxos.

Delphi itself is located about two hours from Athens. To get to this area, you can either drive or take a bus. Consider renting a car in the Athens airport so that you can have the freedom to travel without being dependent on other people. It is also possible to take a bus tour – many companies offer day trips that leave from Athens.



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