See the Face in The Rock While Watching the Santorini Sunset

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It is a well known fact that Santorini is known for its gorgeous sunsets. The island is perfectly positioned to capture the best light during sunset and there are also some incredible views that enhance the experience even more. The unique landscape on the island is also a factor to ensuring that the sunset will always be memorable.

There are some notable aspects of the landscape that standout more than others, though. The “face in the rock”, also known as the “man in the rock”, is one of those places. Instead of having one of the typical sunset experiences on the island, consider visiting the face in the rock to enjoy the sunset instead!

About the Face in the Rock

This unique geological formation goes by many names: the face in the rock, the man in the rock, Pharos, and Indian Rock. The name largely depends on what exactly people see when they gaze at the formation. Some say it looks like a regular man, others say it more closely resembles a stoic Native American.

One thing that people do completely agree on is that this is one of the best places on the island to watch the sunset. Not only is it a unique landmark, but it is also slightly off the beaten track. While people cram for a good spot in a place like Oia or Fira, this rock formation doesn’t seem to draw the same types of crowds.

Finding the Face in the Rock

Also known as Indian Rock, this formation is location in the southwestern corner of the island. It is near a lighthouse known as Pharos, which is why the formation is often referred to as “Pharos”. These structures are both located on a beach known as Akrotiri.

This whole area is accessible to you no matter where you are staying on the island. You can easily take a taxi or drive your rental car. There is also a bus system that connects the various destinations in Santorini to one another.

Spending the Day Enjoy Akrotiri

You don’t need to wait until sunset to enjoy the area! Akrotiri Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches on the island. There are also some nearby tavernas that are also worth visiting. Consider eating a meal at Taverna Giargos, such as one of their amazing seafood dishes, just before sunset. The taverna is fairly close to the rock formation.

Once you leave the taverna, you will drive for about one quarter of a mile before you see a walking path. Follow the pathway to the rock formations so that you can have a wonderful view of the sunset. You might want to ask at the taverna which direction you need to drive in order to find the path – most locals seem to know where it is.

Pharos, or the face in the rock, is one of the most unique places to enjoy the sunset on the Greek island of Santorini. You won’t want to miss it!

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