Tour the Museum of Greek Children’s Art in Athens

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Greek art has been an important part of the culture and history since the Cycladic and Minoan civilization. Greek art comes in many forms including jewelry making, pottery, architecture, sculpture, and painting. It’s no surprise that art still plays an important role in Greece today.

About the Museum of Greek Children’s Art

Since 1994, the Museum of Greek Children’s Art has showcased drawings and three dimensional pieces of art created by children aged 5 – 14. It is one of the few museums in the world that focuses on sharing children’s artwork.

The aim of the museum is to focus on education through art. The museum studies and promotes the benefits of art for children. The museum collaborates with scientists and institutions throughout Greece and abroad as well as exchanging art exhibits. Each year, the collection of the museum is enriched. There are over 10,000 pieces of art in the collection.

There are also winners of the Nationwide Children’s Art Contests that are held by the museum as well as entries to international art exhibitions and participation in art workshops located here. Also be sure to check out the drawings that were created by children during the post-war period, toys that were made with scraps by children in Africa, and drawings of living creatures by the Kalash children. An interesting fact: Kalash ethics prohibits depictions other than that of decorative patterns.

Tour the Greek Children’s Art Museum

The Greek Children’s Art Museum is the perfect place to visit as a family. In addition to exploring and admiring the artwork of children, there are a number of other things to enjoy at the museum including activities. Many of the activities and classes are done on a long-term basis and may not be available for a one-time visit, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. There is an activity for families to draw together. One parent and two young children can create art with different materials and techniques to help children develop their imagination and creativity. This is an hour-long activity.

Collections at the Greek Children’s Art Museum include: artworks from donations that come from the Youth Art Connection International Paint Pals Organization in Atlanta, Georgia; artworks from collaborations, which is the collection of first drawing attempts by Kalash children; and artwork by children with special needs. In 2011, the Greek Children’s Art Museum began a collaboration with the Greek Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

The Greek Children’s Art Museum has a gift shop where you can buy posters, art games, postcards, books, and a variety of gifts that feature the artwork of children. The small art inspired items sold at the gift shop are made in limited quantities and make for unique gifts and souvenirs.

The Greek Children’s Art Museum is located in the neighborhood of Plaka in Athens, Greece. The most convenient way to get to the museum is via the Metro. The closest stations to the museum are: Syndagma, Monastiraki, and Akropolis.

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