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Attractions to Visit in Mystras, Greece

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Mystras is an ancient fortressed village in the Peloponnese. Mystras is located near Sparta and was a very strong castle town during the Byzantine times. In fact, during the last decades of the Byzantine times, Mystras was the second most important town after Constantinople. Mystras, Greece is well-known for its churches, but there are many interesting attractions to visit.

Church of Agioi Theodoroi

Built in the 13th century, the Church of Agioi Theodoroi is located in Kato Hora, the lowest part of Mystras Old Town. The church was built by two monks Pahomios and Daniel. The Church of Agioi Theodoroi is an octogonal type of church that has lateral chapels. The dome of the church is based on eight props and quite spectacular to see.

The church was originally the katholikon of a monastery, but later became a cemetery church. The tomb of Despot of Peloponnese Theodore I is in the Church of Agioi Theodoroi. When you visit the church, you will be able to admire frescoes from the 13th century that are inside.

Palace of Despots

The Palace of Despots is also known as the Palataki Mansion, which means “the small palace.” After Constantinople, it was the second most important palace of the Byzantine Empire. This complex of buildings is located in the Upper Town of Mystras on top of the hill above the Church of Agios Nikolas. The building come various times as its construction began with the Franks and was finished by the Byzantines. The Palace of Depots is L-shaped.

Some of the various constructions are four-stories high and others are two-storey mansions. Each building of the palace has cellars, attics, chambers, and arches. From the Palace of Despots you will experience a great view of the plain of Sparta.

Ceadas Cavern

Located near Mystras, Greece 10 km from Sparta, Ceadas Cavern is a steep ravine that is situated on the eastern side of Mount Taygetos. If you’re looking for a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley of Sparta, this is where you want to be. Legend says that Ceadas Cavern is where ancient Spartans would throw weak and deformed babies who would not be able to grow up to be warriors. Bones found though are only of men of adult age, who are thought to have been healthy.

These men were possibly criminals who were thrown into the ravine as punishment. Still, when you visit Ceadas Cavern, you may feel a chilly breeze that the ancient Greeks believes to be the souls of the babies who died there.

Archaeological Museum of Mystras

Opened in 1952, the Archaeological Museum of Mystras is in the yard of Agios Demetrios Cathedral, housed in a two-storey building. Since its opening, the collections have grown considerably. While it is called the Archaeological Museum, it does showcase sculptures, jewelry, coins, pottery, pieces of fabric, portable icons, and much more. Collections include items from the early Christian era to Post-Byzantine time as well as some older and newer pieces.

Visit Mystras, Greece for a taste of history and natural beauty. There are also plenty of sites to see while here!

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