Best Destinations for Couples in Greece

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There is so much to do in Greece, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. If you are a couple looking for a little romance, you really can’t go wrong with this country. However, some destinations in Greece are better for Romance than others. Whether you are looking for beaches, seclusion, sunsets, or amazing nightlife to share with your loved one, there is a place for you.

Here’s a look at some of the most romantic destinations for couples that Greece has to offer:


As the largest city in Greece, there is no shortage of things to do while in Athens. However, some activities are a little bit more romantic than others. Choosing what to do, of course, it all depends on what couples like to do together. Top romantic activities include sharing a delicious meal together, watching the sunset on Lycabettus Hill, visiting a spa together, or walking through the National Gardens, you will find that Athens is a great place to share with your loved one!


Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city and the atmosphere is a little different than in Athens. This city has a much different feel to it than Athens. It could be a little more youthful and artistic than Athens, which lends itself well for young couples who want to spend a romantic vacation in a cosmopolitan city. There are plenty of things to see and do, nearby beaches, great restaurants, and a thriving nightlife.


Corfu is one of those islands that seems especially suited for couples. The island has an air of romance to it that couples of all ages will find captivating. There is also so much to do here that they will never get bored. Between seeing the sites, lounging on the beaches, and enjoying a great meal together, there’s no shortage of things to do that couples will enjoy.


This island is one of the most romantic places in all of Greece! The island has a unique geography because of its volcanic history. Because of this, much of the island is perched on the rim of the ancient volcano. This means that there are fantastic views located throughout the island that couples will love. For the most romantic sunsets, however, you’ll want to head to Oia. This village has the perfect vantage point and it is one of the best places to watch it.


Mykonos is also a great island for couples, especially those who love great beaches and parties. Like Santorini, Mykonos also boasts amazing sunsets. Besides that, there are some great beaches here for people of all interests. Some beaches are better suited for those couples who love to party, but it is also possible to find more secluded spots. This is also an island that is known for its nightlife.


There is so much to do on Crete that couples will find that this really is the perfect island. Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of hiking and other activities. There are some amazing beaches that couples also love to spend time at. Besides that, there are plenty of sites to see, as well as a thriving nightlife. This island won’t disappoint!


One of the most endearing things about this island is that there are no vehicles allowed. Because of that, this makes for a secluded, romantic trip for couples of all ages! Although this island does see a healthy amount of tourists, many are here only for the day, and they tend to stay concentrated in the areas by the ferry. It’s so easy to find a hidden corner on this island that you’ll find it really does encourage a sense of romance.

As you can see, there are some great places for couples to spend time on in Greece. The whole country is romantic, but these destinations are the best that Greece has to offer.

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