Best Museums to Visit in Athens

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View from a park on the important greek monument: Acropolis, built on the other hill. Line of the soil with stones. Cloudy early evening sky.Athens is one of those cities that is both ancient and modern and it’s often hard to decide how to shape your visit. Well, there really is no need to choose one over the other. You can experience the modern side of the city as well as the ancient one, and you can do so by visiting the various museums that the city has! You can spend your days browsing through the various exhibits and then grab a delicious meal and hit the town at night.

Here’s a list of some of the best museums Athens has to offer:

Acropolis Museum

If you’re interested in the history of Ancient Greece, this museum should be at the top of your list. Although it’s fun to visit the actual Acropolis and see places like the Parthenon first hand, the Acropolis Museum offers a great way to enrich the whole experience. This is where most of the artifacts that were found at the Acropolis are housed. This museum not only shows the history of the artifacts and of Athens, but gives a nice overview of the history of Greece.

National Archaeological Museum

If Ancient Greece interests you, the Acropolis Museum isn’t the only place go visit! The National Archaeological Museum is also worth a visit. Visitors report that this museum is especially beautiful, with the displays and information all laid out in a way that makes visitors feel both welcomed and informed. It’s also conveniently located to the Acropolis. Because it’s right across the street, that means you can easily do both in the same day!

Museum of Cycladic Art

Are you interested in the art and history of the Cyclades? If so, the Museum of Cycladic Art should be at the top of your list! There are several floors in this gorgeous museum, and each covers a different aspect that portion of Ancient Greek history. This museum has many beautiful examples of jewelry from the time period, sculptures, and other forms of art from the Cyclades.

Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum is one of the most beautiful and unique museums in all of Athens. Unlike some of the other museums in the city, this one focuses on periods in history that were much more recent than ancient times! For instance, there are some artifacts from World War II. In fact, if you only have time for one museum, this is where you should go because it will give you a nice overview of several periods in Greek history.

Byzantine Museum

While in Greece, it’s important not to forget the role that the Orthodox Christian Church has played in its history. If you want a nice overview of this, you should definitely add the Byzantine Museum to your list. Here, you will not learn about the history of the Orthodox Church in Greece and all over the world. This is where to go to learn more about the Orthodox faith, too.

While in Athens, you have the ability to shape your trip how you want. Visiting these museums is a great starting point!

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