What to Know About Diving in Kefalonia

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The island of Kefalonia sits in the Ionian Sea just west of mainland Greece. It is on of those islands that attract those who are interested in experiencing some of its beauty. This beauty extends to below the surface. This island has a greater amount of hidden caves and areas to explore underwater due to it’s rocky coasts. These beautiful diving spots have become a popular tourist attraction for divers of all levels.

Because it is such a popular island for diving, there are plenty of dive centers to utilize that offer tours, equipment rentals, and even classes. They also have been around for some time and have a dedicated professional staff. If you want to dive on this island, these are a great place to start. Here’s more information about these places:

Aquatic World

Started in 1997, this diving center employs a team of professional divers who love to joke around and have some fun during their dive. They hold tours for beginners and give divers a wealth of information about the sea and it’s hidden treasures. Based in Agia Efimia, they do tours all around the island of Kephalonia.

Blue Manta Diving

Located in the southeastern part of Kefalonia, the diving center is on Tara Beach. If you want to see some real ancient wrecks, they offer many tours that have divers swimming up to abandoned submarines and other sunken wonders. They organize personal dives and offer them for every level. Blue Manta will also accommodate larger tours for groups of people or families.

Fiskardo Divers

Operating since 1999, this diving center is run by two experienced French PADI instructors who are heavily involved in environmental conservation and activism. Their approach to diving is serious but relaxed. Located on the Fiskardo Harbor, this is a great location to dive near as well.

Kefalonia Diving Center

The Kefalonia Diving Center is also located on the Fiskardo Harbor, which is a popular spot for divers. It was established in 1997 by Giannis Chrysafis, who is a professional, technical diver. This center offer courses in diving as well as trips for groups of people looking for some recreational diving.

Pirate Divers Club

A newer diving club, Pirate is quickly earning it’s reputation as a safe and fun diving center. They do a variety of dives including caves and at shipwreck locations. From training to organized tours, they have a friendly team of professional divers.

As you can see, Kefalonia has earned it’s reputation as a premiere diving spot and the island’s beauty definitely extends underwater. You’ll want to begin your diving adventures with at least one of these diving centers. While on one of the dives, you will be able to see premier, underwater diving locations, such as a famous shipwreck. You’ll also be able to see some of the beautiful sea life and underwater geography.

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