Spend Time in Finikia Village on Santorini Greece

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The Greek Island of Santorini is one of the most visited islands. People flock here to enjoy the culture, sunshine, and the unique geography of the island. People love to visit the beach, enjoy the Greek culture, and gaze at the gorgeous scenery of the caldera. Although Fira is the largest town on the island, there are plenty of other places that are also worth your time. Finikia is one of these villages. Here’s more information:

Getting to Finikia Village

Before you can head to Finikia Village you need to first make you way to the island of Santorini. You can do so either by taking a ferry into the main port or a flight into the island’s airpot. From there you can take a taxi, rent a car, or take a public bus to wherever you need to go. The main bus station is in Fira, which means that you may need to change buses there to get to Finikia. Perhaps a more fun way to get around the island and to visit Finikia Village is to hire a quad bike (ATV). It’s usually less expensive than taking a taxi or shuttle bus. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk from Oia, if you are staying there. You can also take a ferry over to Santorini from Athens, such as the Blue Star Ferries, but flying is obviously the quickest way.

About Finikia Village

Finikia Village is located less than 1 km from the town of Oia and about 10 km from Fira. With only about 50 permanent residents, it’s very small, but very traditional. As you enter the village, you’ll notice a high gateway made out of dark volcanic stones in the form of an archway. Finikia got its name from the palm tree, just outside the church of Agia Patrona. Finikia means palm tree in Greek. It is a village where farmers worked in vineyards and made the traditional houses with low doors, rounded roofs, and arch ways. The 4th of August is their annual celebration of the Saints Epta Paides. It’s a unique celebration as you can only get there by boat. One of the most interesting things you’ll find in Finikia is the traditional Cycladic churches and cave houses. They are made to be cool in the summer and are well insulated for winter.

What to Do in Finikia Village

Be sure to visit the Kyra Panagia, a small church meaning Lady of the Virgin. The sunsets are absolutely gorgeous! There are three main Mediterranean restaurants to choose from: Lefkes, Meze Meze, and Krinaki. They all serve traditional Greek food and are highly rated. You’ll want to walk through the village to get a real feel for what Greece is like without all the tourists. The Santorini Yacht club is nearby as well as several quaint shops and art galleries. You can also spend some time taking pictures and enjoying the view.

When you visit Santorini, be sure to make it a point to see the quaint Finikia Village. You’ll love its charm, the local people, and the beautiful scenery. You won’t want to miss it!

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