Visit the Amazing Kania Beach, Halki

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This Greek island, which is sometimes also referred to as Chalki or Chalce, is situated in the Aegean Sea and is part of a broader landmass called the Dodecanese Archipelago. Halki is the tiniest of all islands in the archipelago and Rhodes is the nearest well-known Greek municipality it lies near.

Moreover, the island is divided into two regions: chorio and the emporio. Chorio is the community where the majority of the islanders reside. The emporio is the market where both inhabitants and tourists conduct business. The last census taken reveals that the landmass is sparsely inhabited with less than 500 permanent residents.

About Kania Beach

One of Halki’s most prized possessions is Kania Beach. The sandy but private spot located on Halki’s eastern end is a roughly 30-minute walk from the village center. Though still somewhat sheltered and exclusive, the beach has garnered the interest of tourists in recent years.

As a result, locals have organized said destination with umbrellas and tanning beds. Furthermore, the beach boasts a canteen offering revelers beverages and snacks. Additionally, the surrounding land is plush and the sandy attraction is not far from other popular destinations like Potamos beach.

Things to Do At Kania Beach

Many people visit Kania Beach for the surrounding natural beautiful, warm air, and tropical weather most Greek islands have to offer. This is the perfect destination for individuals seeking to work on their tans in a place offering a certain degree of peace and quiet. That said, those yearning to explore the greater Halki region are presented with opportunities to achieve such aims through:


Travelers hoping to fill their bellies after a calming day in the sun can do so by visiting any one of several seaside tavernas located not terribly far from Kania.


The island is home to numerous footpaths leading to attractions, such as ancient Greek Orthodox chapels, hilltops, and longstanding settlements. That said, this activity can be strenuous and is typically most enjoyed during the spring and fall when outdoor temperatures are comfortable.

Scuba Diving

The clear Aegean Sea offers divers the opportunity to explore the creatures and plant life existing under the surface of its clear waters. The island is home to diving centers offering those of varying experience levels the opportunity to engage in this unique form of exploration.

Getting to Kania Beach

Sojourners must first arrive on Halki. Typically, the preferred mode of transportation is ferry. Many visitors arrive by ferry via nearby Rhodes. Once on Halki, Kania Beach can be reached via mini bus or taxi from the island’s port area. However, those not minding a walk through the island’s countryside can arrive on foot.


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