Spend Time at Livoskopos Beach in Anafi

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If you are looking for a beautiful, secluded beach that is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of Greece, then Livoskopos Beach in Anafi may be your destination. For a Greek island that is said to be one of the most beautiful in the Aegean Sea, Livoskopos Beach offers visitors a truly unique experience. Located on the Northeast coast of Anafi Island, this beach has been called by some “one of Greece’s best-kept secrets.”

About Livoskopos Beach

It’s one of many stunning beaches you’ll find in Greece, but what makes it truly unique are its nearby caves and rock formations that make for interesting landscape photography opportunities. With golden sand, crystal clear waters, and beautiful views from offshore islands, Livoskopos Beach is an ideal destination for a day trip or weekend getaway. The island has one road that winds its way around and through it and leads you right up to this secluded beach. Visitors can either walk down from alongside roads where they’ll find narrow steps leading down to Livoskopos Beach or use water taxis.

It’s not known how long humans have been visiting Livoskopos Beach but artifacts such as pottery shards found in caves above tell us that people have been enjoying the area for a long time. There are caves above that have been used as dwellings since antiquity and homes built into them still exist to this day.

Livoskopos Beach has become increasingly popular in recent years which can make it difficult to find parking especially during peak season but if you’re willing to hike down from one of the nearby roads or walk along streets where traffic is allowed then you’ll likely be able to secure yourself a spot on this beautiful beach. On hot summer days, however, there aren’t many places more relaxing than Livoskopos Beach on Anafi Island!

What to Do at Livoskopos Beach?

Explore nearby caves that were once inhabited and even used as dwellings to this day. You can enjoy the beautiful views of surrounding islands from offshore. Snorkelling in clear waters where you can explore underwater rock formations and see all kinds of fish, sea urchins, and more. One could take advantage of water taxis that are available for those who don’t want to hike back up after spending some time at this beautiful place. Last but definitely not least, you could relax and enjoy a day at the beautiful sandy beach.

Getting to Livoskopos Beach

After arriving at the airport, take a taxi to the port where ferries depart daily to Anafi. The boat ride takes about 2 hours and provides an amazing view as it crosses through the Greek islands on its way. Once you arrive in Anafi, hire a car or bike from one of many vendors located near the port and drive down to Livoskopos Beach.

Alternatively, from the town of Anafi, it’s about a 20-minute walk to the beach. Narrow steps are leading down to the beach from one of the nearby roads or you can take advantage of water taxis which leave frequently for those who don’t want to hike back up.

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