Monasteries to Visit in Chios, Greece

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The island of Chios is a sought after place that attracts people from all over the world. There is a lot to do here despite the fact that it is one of the smaller islands. One of the things you can do while here is to visit some of the monasteries. Here is more information about that:

New Monastery of Chios

The New Monastery of Chios is actually one of the oldest monasteries in the country of Greece and is declared as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The New Monastery of Chios is located in the central region of Chios Island. The monastery was founded in the 11th century by Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos. He founded the New Monastery of Chios to repay three monks of Chios for their predication of his banishment to Lesvos would be temporary and he would eventually be the emperor.

The monastery would become one of the wealthiest monasteries throughout the Aegean at least until the 1822 Massacre of Chios by the Ottomans. The New Monastery of Chios is made up of the main church, two smaller churches, and the Ecclesiastical Museum of the monastery. There is also the dining area and quarters of the monks. The monastery is especially known for its mosaics, which you will no doubt be in awe of.

Monastery of Myrsinidiou

Located at the northern side of the village of Vrontados, near Daskalopetra and Ormos Lo, is the Monastery of Myrsinidiou. The monastery sits at an altitude of 40 meters. The Monastery of Myrsinidiou was founded in 1897 by a monk named Christopher Seremelis. There are now about five residents of the monastery. The Monastery of Myrsinidiou played a role during the Second World War when it offered charitable services during the German occupation. The monastery is dedicated to Virgin Myrtidiotissa.

Monastery of Moundon

Located close to the village of Diefha, the Monastery of Moundon is a historic monastery complex that was considered the most important on the island of Chios after that of the New Monastery of Chios. The Monastery of Moundon was destroyed by the Ottomans and is deserted today. The monastery complex consists of the monk cells, the chapels, and the domed portico. The frescoes that were destroyed were repaired in 1849 by a monk. Visiting the Monastery of Moundon will require that you get the keys from the village of Diephas.

Church of Megalos Taxirhis

The Church of Megalos Taxirhis is located at the center of Mesta Village. The church was built on the foundations of a castle tower that once stood there. The temple of the church is known for its wood carvings and ancient hagiographics. The pebbled courtyard is something to admire, as is bell tower that was made from stone that came from Thymiana Village. The Church of Megalos Taxirhis is thought to be the largest church on the island of Chios.

The tower was abandoned after the withdrawal of the Genoese and its only inhabitants after that were snakes and crows. The villagers demolished the tower in 1958 as they thoughts the snakes and crows were evil omens. They would rebuild the church, which took ten years. When visiting the church, you will be treated to authentic examples of folklore architecture.

While on the Greek island of Chios, you will want to visit some of these monasteries.

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