Visit the Monastery of Argilion in Kefalonia

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Kefalonia, Greece is filled with traditional character, charm, and history. The beautiful villages, the mountains, and olive groves all make a trip to Kefalonia unforgettable. If you want to soak up a piece of history, visit the Monastery of Argilion on the island of Kefalonia.

About the Monastery of Argilion in Kefalonia

Located on a hill above the Bay of Sami, the Monastery of Argilion is an important religious site for the people of Kefalonia. The monastery was established during the 18th century by two shepherds. These shepherds, Symeon and Jacob, found an icon in 1722 that performed miracles. Symeon and Jacob would become monks, build the monastery where they found the icon, and be the first monks to life there.

Saint Cosmas of Aetolia, also known as Father Kosmas Etolos, is said to have stayed at the Monastery of Argilion during his visit to the island of Kefalonia. Saint Cosmas was an Orthodox monk and important figure of Greek Enlightenment. The icon that was found by Symeon and Jacob has been incorporated into a larger icon of Virgin Mary Argiliotissa.

Visit the Monastery of Argilion in Kefalonia

The Monastery of Argilion is just off a road that links Sami with the well-known beach of Antisamos. The walk from Sami to the monastery takes about 70 minutes, but it’s not strenuous and you will have a great time exploring as you go. The views as you walk and from the location of the monastery are not to be missed.

At the location of the monastery you will see the ruins of an old bell tower. The bells themselves have survived quite well and you can touch them. As you explore the Monastery of Argilion, you will become aware of the peaceful atmosphere. The birds sing and the gardens give off the lovely aroma of roses. From here, you will see nearby Antisamos Beach.

Antisamos Beach should also be on your to-do list while you’re in the area visiting the Monastery of Argilion. The beach is located close to the port of Sami and 27 km from Argostoli. The beach features beautiful turquoise waters and surrounding green hills. The beach has become known thanks to the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin as some of the scenes were shot there.

Getting to the Monastery of Argilion in Kefalonia, Greece

Getting to the island of Kefalonia can be done by ferry, from Killini. These ferries arrive at Poros, the main port of Kefalonia. During the summer, ferries arrive at the Port of Sami, which is convenient to the Monastery of Argilion. You can also get to Kefalonia by plane. Flights come into the island at the airport of Kefalonia, in the region of Svoronata.

Once on the island of Kefalonia, you can get to the Monastery of Argilion by traveling to Sami. The monastery is located just off the road that leads to Antisamos Beach. After a walk that lasts just over an hour, you will find yourself at the monastery.

Make sure to visit the Monastery of Argilion when in Kefalonia.

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