Visit Myrina Village on Lemnos Island

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When planning your next travel adventure, consider visiting the village of Myrina. This quaint village is located on the Greek island of Lemnos, which is on the Aegean Sea. The population of this village is small, but they have a long tradition of welcoming visitors and helping them enjoy their time here. Encompassing two bays, the Village of Myrina offers unbelievable vistas and memorable sunrises and sunsets for all to enjoy. Here’s more information about this:

About Myrina Village of Lemnos

The landscape is breathtaking! Visitors will enjoy the historic and fine architecture reflected by the many buildings designed as part of the neoclassical era. Embellishments representative of the Ottoman Empire adorn many of the buildings and residences, further enhanced by water features, inviting gardens and the narrow and winding paths leading to local shops and goods.

One prominent feature of the Village is the exquisite Venetian castle resting upon a large volcanic formation. It is easily viewed when reached by sea. Handsomely appointed, this Castle of Myrina is the largest fortress in the Aegean Sea. It dates back to 1207 and was inhabited by Turks during the Ottoman Rule. It is open to the public and a sightseeing must!

The Archaelological Museum of Myrina was built by the Italians and has been hailed as one of the most beautiful museums in the region. If as you begin your sightseeing, you have any questions about the structures or features in the village, just ask any of the local residents. Many of the village locals are happy to share additional history and highlights of their beautiful village.

Visit the Churches

Additional things to see and do in the Village of Myrina include taking in other historic sites such as the many churches across the island. One notable church and unique due to its being built into a cave atop a steep rocky formation named Kakkavos Hill, is referred to as the ‘Church of the Virgin’, dedicated to Virgin Mary.

Another impressive structure is that of the Limnos Metropolitan Cathedral. This cathedral has incredible bell towers and inside, a marvelous wooden carved, gold-plated temple. Along your travel routes, you will discover so many historic and one-of-a-kind structures that each tell a part of the story of the Village of Myrina and its people.

Spend Time By the Sea

After viewing many treasures indoors at the multiple sites, it is time to embrace the additional pleasures and treasures that only a seaside village can offer. Time to head to the shores! So feel free to take your time, wondering the stone-paved walkways through the various stores and eateries down to the seaside where you may find the locals gathering for a sunset view.

The area beaches near Myrina are uncrowded usually and offer soft sandscapes and brilliant crystal clear, blue waters to immerse in. All along the water, there are beachfront cafes and the opportunity to sit underneath shade-providing parasols for the sun break you are seeking.

As you can tell, there will be nothing disappointing about visiting the Village of Myrina. The ease and welcoming ambience of this well-kept secret travel destination will have you feeling like one of the Myrina Villagers-never wanting to leave its pristine and romantic city. The Village of Myrina is calling you to visit-it awaits you!

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