Nightlife You Can Enjoy in Leros, Greece

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Leros is an island in the Dodecanese group in the Aegean Sea. The Greek island is home to secret beaches, taverns, and beautiful Italian influences.

Leros has an airport, which only receives flights coming from Athens. The flight is only 50 minutes, making it quick and convenient. You can also get to the island of Leros by ferries that come from the other Dodecanese islands including Kos, Kalymnos, Lipsi, and Rhodes. While many of the ferries run just a few times a week (more during summer), the ferries from Rhodes run daily.

If you’re into the nightlife scene, you’re in luck. The island of Leros offers what you’re looking for. Don’t expect too much in the way of crazy nights though. Leros is known for being more laid back and peaceful.

Spend Time at Local Bars

Leros boasts a number of bars that make the perfect spot to spend your nights. If you enjoy socializing and meeting new people, bars are where you want to be. There are some very unique bars in the area. One of these bars is located beneath a lighthouse partly inside a hallowed out cave. Another bar, called The View, is located inside in one of the six windmills above Pandeli. The location is perfect for viewing the sunset. You will also find jazz bars and beach-side bars. If you visit a different bar each night, you won’t have the same experience twice.

Visit Agia Marina

If you’re looking for a more lively nightlife experience in Leros, Agia Marina is where you want to be. It’s especially popular with the younger crowd, but it’s a great place for anyone with a lot of energy. If you love to dance, there are plenty of bars in the area that cater to the dancing crowd. There are also cocktail bars if you want a little break from the loud music and crowds.

Enjoy the Sunset Followed by Dinner

To view the sunset from anywhere in Greece is a wonderful experience. The same goes when you’re in Leros. Some of the best spots to watch the sunset in the area include the Castle of or Panagia in East Leros, the Church of Agios Isidoros in Northeast Leros, and the villages of Agia Marina and Lakki. The benefit to choosing one of the villages for your sunset viewing is that everything else is accessible as well. If you want to have a romantic dinner after, you will have a number to choose from. As you stroll the streets after your meal, you may find a bar, lounge, or club that you want to experience. If coffee after dinner is more your style, there are plenty of coffee shops available.

Leros, Greece has a variety of nightlife for you to indulge in during your trip. There’s so much to do here, you won’t be disappointed.

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