Outdoor Sports to Enjoy in Patmos, Greece

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Patmos is a great Greek island to visit and people come form all over the world to catch a glimpse of it. It is most known for its rich religious history and its unique medieval villages and monastery. However, the island is also an incredible spot to experience all the natural beauty of the Dodecanese island chain. Patmos has a number of excellent outdoor opportunities for active and adventurous travelers. Here are some outdoor activities you can do while here:

Scuba Diving

Patmos is a scuba diving destination, providing a great access point to the beautiful and biodiverse marine ecosystems of the Aegean Sea. This region is especially known for its crystal clear turquoise waters and diverse ocean wildlife, making it an excellent spot for beginners and experienced divers alike. The waters are home to dolphins, seahorses, seals, and turtles, which are all active during the summer months.

Just north of Patmos, the Arki Island Complex Wildlife Refuge is a popular diving spot for those who want to experience the incredible biodiversity of the region. This permanent wildlife reserve encompasses 14 islands and islets and protects rare and endangered species. Divers can also explore coral reefs and Posidonia meadows, or fields of ancient seagrass that sustain life in the Mediterranean. Patmos is home to dive centers that can provide trained scuba instructors, rental scuba equipment, chartered boat tours, and opportunities for certification.


Most of Patmos’ villages and sites of historical interest are linked by a network of well-maintained trails. The island’s highest peak, Profitas Ilias, sits over 800 feet above sea level, and the naturally hilly geography and dramatic, rocky coastline allow for scenic views and varied terrain on Patmos’ trails. One popular trail connects the town of Chora to the ancient monastery atop Profitas Ilias, spanning just under a mile of historic paths.

Other trails can take hikers to secluded beaches, historic chapels, or the famous Cave of the Apocalypse. Trails in Patmos range from 1 mile in length to just over 6 miles, offering different levels of exertion. Many ancient roads crossing the island have also been restored through the “Paths of Culture” project, creating a network of lightly used and deeply historical trails that connect major landmarks around the island.


For those interested in sailing, Patmos is a stellar spot: Skala, the island’s main harbor, handles boat traffic of all kinds, from cruises to yachts to small sailboats. In addition to the large harbor, however, the island’s coastline boasts a number of inlets, bays, and coves where small boats can anchor. Popular spots include Kambos Bay, which offers a beach and several tavernas, or Stavros Bay, a swimming spot on the island’s southwest side. The town of Skala is home to several boat charter companies for those interested in a daylong sailboat cruise with local guides.

Patmos draws travelers who want to experience the Christian pilgrimage sites or wander the medieval alleyways, but it’s also an excellent spot for outdoorsy types and adventure seekers. Whether on land or on water, outdoor sports in Patmos offer an incredible variety of opportunities to take in the island’s beautiful natural scenery up close.

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