What to Do in Leros, Greece

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The Greek island of Leros is a bit off the beaten track but visitors will find that there is no shortage of things to do. Despite its small size,  The island is physically beautiful, has a long history, and is known for its gorgeous beaches. Here’s a look at some of the things you can do while visiting:

Visit one of the Many Monuments

On the island of Leros, you will find a number of monuments that are worth seeing. One of these monuments is the Flourmill of Leros. The Flourmill is a trademark of the island located in Agia Marina Village. The Flourmill of Leros is a significant 20th century monument that is located idyllically at the seaside, close to the port entrance. The remains of the Flourmill will leave you in awe.

Another monument on the island of Leros is the Bellini Tower. The tower was built in 1927 by a Greek benefactor by the name of Parisis Belenis. The Belleni Tower is a wonderful example of the Italian eclecticism with Gothic and Roman elements included. The War Memorial of Queen Olga is also worth your time when visiting Leros Island. This monument commemorates the attack of German bombers on the ship the Queen Olga. This attack took place during the Second World War in the Gulf of Lakki in September of 1943.

Enjoy the Local Products of Leros

Local product of the island of Leros include: cheese, fish, tsitsiri, mizithra, honey, and tomato. A unique local product of Leros is an Egyptian tropical fruit called gavafes. This fruit is only found in Leros. Local specialities of the island include: a refreshing almond drink called soumada; stuffed cabbage, koukouvades, a dish made of marinated fish with rosemary; cheese pies; smoked octopus; patsavouropita, a sweet syrup; and kakavia, a type of fish soup.

If you enjoy food and drink, you will not be disappointed on the island of Leros, especially if you enjoy trying new things. You will find a number of places to get coffee and cocktails as well. This is the perfect place to try a different dish at every meal and truly experience the taste of the island.

Spend Time Outdoors

Leros, Greece has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. The beaches ideal for lounging under the sun and swimming in the refreshing water. On the northern side of Leros you will find Alinda Beach, the longest beach of the island. Alinda Beach is well-organized. There are sun beds, umbrellas, fish taverns, and water sports centers. Gourna Beach is located on the western side of Leros. This is a secluded beach if you are looking for peace and quiet. There are mini markets and taverns nearby.

The long and sandy beach and its crystal water offer a relaxing experience. If you’re looking for adventure when visiting the island of Leros, there are many outdoor sports to partake in. You can take a leisurely bike ride around the countryside. The island is home to many places that rent bicycles. Hiking is also worth enjoying in Leros. It’s a great way to see the island at your own pace. There are hiking paths of varying difficulty. If you want an adrenaline rush, there are numerous diving sites around the coast.

There is so much to do on Leros, it can be hard to choose. While here, you should at least do some of these activities!

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