Tour Villa Allatini in Thessaloniki

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Thessaloniki, Greece is a city of is rich in culture, history, and amazing experiences. Thessaloniki is the ideal destination if you want to step back in time and see things that have remained as they once were. One of these impressive sites is the Villa Allatini. Here’s what you should know about the Villa Allatini in Thessaloniki.

About Villa Allatini

The Villa Allatini in Thessaloniki is a baroque building in the Depot area. The three-storey building was designed by an Italian architect named Vitaliano Poselli and built in 1898. Villa Allatini is located in a district known as “Countrysides” or “Towers.” The villa was first used as the residence of the Allatini family. This district was where the wealthy families of the city built their manors. The Villa Allatini was the largest and most luxurious. It was built with red brick and featured a beautiful garden. The Allatini family played a prominent role in the local economy for about two centuries.

From 1909 – 1911, the Villa Allatini was used as the residence of sultan Abdul Hamid II. After he was unseated by the Young Turks, he lived at the Villa Allatini under house arrest. In 1926, the Villa Allatini served as the Philosophical School for a year. From 1940 – 1941, the villa was a hospital. In 1979, the Villa Allatini became the headquarters of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki until 2011 when the prefecture was abolished. Today, the Villa Allatini is home to the Administration of the Region of Central Macedonia.

The area of Depot, as the district is now known, is a charming spot. Buildings are a short distance from each other and will transport you back in time. Most of the buildings were designed by three of Thessaloniki eclectic designers: Vitaliano Poselli, Xenofondas Peonidis, and Piero Arrigoni. The area gets its name from the now defunct tram depot that was in operation from 1893 – 1957.

Tour Villa Allatini

You can visit the Villa Allatini on your own, which allows you to explore at your own pace. If you prefer an organized tour, some of them have the Villa Allatini as a stop. One specific tour is a 4-hour tour of the most important Jewish sites in Thessaloniki, which includes the Villa Allatini, Villa Modiano, and the Jewish Museum. A tour will allow you to not only see many places, but the knowledgable guides can provide important information. Tour guides speak English so there won’t be a language barrier. There are walking tours that include the Villa Allatini as well. With a walking tour, you get to explore the entire neighborhood. When you visit the Villa Allatini, you will also want to tour the historic gardens of the property.

Traveling to Thessaloniki, Greece is easy and can be done by plane, ferry, car, train, or bus. Once in Thessaloniki, you have options for getting around as well. Walking is a wonderful option for exploring. You can also take the bus which makes many stops. Another option, if you are looking to go directly to the Villa Allatini, is to hail a taxi.

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