About the Greek White Wine Malagousia

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Malagousia is a white wine variety that is grown mainly in central Greece and Greek Macedonia. During the 1970s, this white wine grape was not well-known and even thought to be extinct. It was Evangelos Gerovassiliou who rescued the grape from extinction by planting it in his vineyard in 1983. Today, the grape is not only known, but considered a first class grape.

It is thought that the grape originated in Aitoloakarnania. Aitoloakarnania is in the western area of central Greece. Modern plantings of the grape are found in Halkidiki in Macedonia. There are also other vineyards around Greece that grow Malagousia.

Malagousia is aged in oak, which is does well in, but also in stainless steel vessels, which produce good results. Aging in the bottle can be done up to four years or longer. As a sweet wine, it can be aged in the bottle for 4 – 7 years. The aroma of Malagousia wine tends to be intense with notes of peaches, basil, flowers, and citrus.

Vines that are harvested below 11.5% alcohol will have a less intense scent. When harvested above 14%, the scent will resemble that of Muscat and overwhelming for many people. The perfect amount of alcohol for Malagousia seems to be around 12.5 – 13.5%. The Malagousia wine grape is vulnerable to both drought and viral infections, so great care must be take.

Malagousia is also known by: Malagoyzia, Malaouzia, Malaoyzia, Melaouzia, and Melaoyzia. As a dry wine, Malagousia pairs well with salads and greens. As a sweet wine, Malagousia pairs nicely with fruity and sweet desserts.

Type of Greek Wine

Malagousia is a dry white wine. There is also a sweet Malagousia wine.

Wine Region for Malagousia in Greece

Malagousia is grown in vineyards throughout Greece, but it is mainly found in central Greece and Greek Macedonia.

Malagousia Greek Wine Flavor Description

Malagousia is a has the style of a rich white wine that tastes and smells of peach, lime, lemon oil, and orange blossom. You may also detect hints of basil.

Food Pairing for Malagousia Greek Wine

Dry Malagousia pairs well with salads and greens while sweet Malagousia pairs with fruit desserts.

  • Vegetable salads
  • Olive oil based vegetable stew with herbs
  • Pasta with light sauce
  • Grilled fish with vegetables
  • Portokalopita (orange cake)
  • Frouta ke yaourti (Greek fruit salad)

Facts About Malagousia Greek Wine

  • The Malagousia wine grape was almost extinct before being rescued in 1983 by a winemaker
  • The Malagousia wine grape is now grown all around Greece
  • Malagousia is pronounced “mala-goo-zee-yah”

Malagousia is a delicious white wine that you can get dry or sweet. This versatile wine will pair nicely will many meals.

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