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All About the Ionian Revolt

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Ancient Greek warriorThe Ionian Revolt was a military rebellion that took place in Ionia, Antolia, which was part of Ancient Greece. It was associated with many other military rebellions that include Aeolis, Cyprus, Doris,  Caria. All these rebellions were initiated by the Asian Minors of the Greek regions against the Persian rule. It lasted from the 499 BC to the 493 BC. Here’s more information:

Revolt Against Persian Rule

In Ancient Greece, the Persian Empire threatened to become more wide spread than it already was. However, in Antolia, the empire already had a presence, which is why the Ionian Revolt started in the first place.  They were not satisfied with the rules of the Persian tyrants. The rule made by the Persian appointed tyrants created many difficulties for the people of the Greece. Two major Milesian tyrants, Histiseus and Aristagoras were mainly responsible for these growing dissatisfactions and rebellions.The city-state of the Ionia was already under the control of the Persia in 540 BC.

Persian Satrap in Sardis Was Nominated

After a period of time, these cities were ruled by the native tyrants with the nomination of the Persian Satrap in Sardis. Later in 499BC, tyrant of that time, Aristagoras planned a joint voyage with the satrap Artaphernes to defeat the Naxos to boost both his position and power. That mission terrible and that forced the whole of the Ionia to fight against such inhuman behavior. Realizing the condition, Aristogoras decided to provoke the people of the Ionia to start a revolt against the Persian rule and the Persian king.

As the result, in 498 BC, the revolts supported and inspired by the troops of the Athens ad Eretria, marched, captured, and burnt the Sardis. Though they were successful in their initial attempts, but while returning, the rebellions were followed by the Persian troops and severely beaten and tortured by them at the Battle of Ephesus. This was the first time when the Ionians were tortured badly and then they decided to go on the defensive.

Persia Fights Back

In 547 BC, three prolonged attacks were planned by the Persians to recapture the outlying areas captured by the rebellions. But as it was spread to the Caria, they needed more preparation and the largest troop to achieve the end result. They successfully started the campaign, but later they were destroyed completely at the Battle of the Pedasus. That created a deadlock for the entire 496 BC and 495 BC.

In 494 BC again, the Persian returned with all forces including the army and navy. Knowing the conditions, the Ionian decided to defend by the sea. But that did not work and they defeated at the Battle of the Lade. They were captured, beaten, and the area came under the Persian rule once again. With this defeat, the Ionian revolt came to an end. After this war, the Carians also surrendered. After coming back into the power once again, the Persians spent all the time of the 493 BC in reducing the number of cities in Greece.

The Ionian revolt was influential and also considered as the first and powerful conflict between the Persian tyrants and The Greece. It can also be described as the first Greece and Persian war. In the first attempt, the rebellions succeeded to achieve the objective and in the final war, they came under the rule of Persians again. This first chapter was followed by many other revolutions in 492 BC.


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