Visit the Kostas Tsoklis Museum in Tinos, Greece

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The Kostas Tsoklis Museum, a museum dedicated to the people of Tinos, Greece aims to introduce contemporary and fine art to the general public with a community and educational focus. The founder Kostas Tsoklis, one of the premier greek artists of the 20th century, created most of the artwork contained inside. Other artists featured in the museum have a similar tone and style in their works, lending a feeling of unity when exploring the exhibits. If on the island of Tinos, the Kostas Tsoklis Museum is worthy of a lengthy visit.

About the Tinos Tsoklis Museum

Buried at the bottom of Kambos, a hillside village in Tinos is Kostas Tsoklis Museum, the old primary school turned fine art museum. Tinos is in the historically and culturally rich area known as the Cyclades, a group of around 200 small islands that form a rough circle in the southern Aegean between Greece and Turkey. The architectural beauty of the building pays homage to the aesthetics of the island and the local culture. Fully renovated to Cycladic standards, the color white and stone play a dominant role in the museum and island.

Catch a Glimpse of Some Fine Art

Welcoming you from the courtyard is the museum’s most famous piece, a sculpture of St. George slaying the dragon. This monumental piece connects classical and modern elements into a hybrid style that truly exemplifies the artist’s work. The artist envisioned this museum as his ultimate creative endeavor, striving to give back to the community in the grandest way he knew how. Inside the museum are various mediums, including painting and sculpture, all demonstrating classical elements with modern tendencies. The exhibits and central themes in the museum rotate every year, keeping the art fresh and visitors coming back.

How the Museum Gives Back to the Community

The Kostas Tsoklis Museum, dedicated to Tinos, gives back to the community in a myriad of ways. The museum organizes various events that relate to all forms of art. Lectures, seminars, performances in the theater of Koumaros, and screenings on the outdoor area of the museum are all frequent events held for locals and visitors alike. Every summer, the school’s old classrooms host various art exhibits with concurrent programs offered to the public, keeping adults and children informed and entertained. Above all, a special program for sightless children is hosted in cooperation with the Museum of Touch and Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece. Fundamentally, this program gives everyone access to art.

Open June through September and every day of the week except Tuesday, the primary school turned fine art museum is worthy of a stop if visiting the Greek island of Tinos. The community-focused museum challenges perceptions and celebrates modern art with a classical twist, lending to a hybrid style that is exemplified in the works of Kostas Tsoklis. Ever-changing, the exhibits inside the Kostas Tsoklis Museum will leave you with a sense of awe, not only for his artistic work but the work for the community as well.

While in Tinos, Greece you won’t want to miss the chance to pay this place a visit!

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