Spend Time at Rodini Park on Rhodes Island

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The Greek island of Rhodes has a lot to offer. It is a stunningly beautiful island and there is also no shortage of things to do. Between the beaches, historical landmarks, and the chance to experience a taste of Greek life, people of all ages can find something great to do here.

For those who love nature, Rodini Park should top your list. This park is known for its gorgeous scenery and vegetation. Finding time in your schedule to head here is definitely worth your while. Here is more information about what to see and do while you’re at this park:

Getting to Rodini Park

Rodini Park is located just outside of the Rhodes Town. However, before you can head here, you need to first make your way to the island itself. You can do this by either heading her on a ferry or in an airplane. This is also a popular stop for cruises, but these don’t leave you with enough time to really see all that the island has to offer. To get to Rodini Park, you can head to Rhodes Town wherever you are on the island and then take a taxi or bus to the park. You can also rent a car and drive to the park wherever you are. The park is about 3 kilometers from the center of town.

About Rodini Park

This park is especially known for its stunning scenery, beautiful plants, and the chance to escape the bustle of city life. It is a well landscaped place and its designers successfully gave it a sense of calm and serenity. Rodini Park is especially known for its trees, including the cypress and pine trees. The sense of calm is further heightened by the tranquil stream that runs through the park. It is actually considered to be the world’s first park that had landscaping.

What to Do at Rodini Park

Rodini Park is the ideal place to spend the day or at least a few hours. You can come here to meander and enjoy the trees and gardens. There is also a playground here so the kids will have something interesting to do. Rodini Park also has a small zoo, and animal lovers of all ages will enjoy that aspect of it. You can also come here to have a picnic and also to enjoy the view. The park also has a rich history, and if you want to catch a glimpse at the world’s first landscaped park, you won’t want to miss the chance to see it. On any given day you will see people walking, picnicking, running, and in general admiring all that the place has to offer.

Rodini Park is one of those things that you should plan on doing while on Rhodes, especially if you are staying here for more than a few days. You won’t regret it!

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