What to Do in Spetses, Greece

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Whether you are visiting Spetses, Greece alone, with friends, or with the family, the island has something to offer everyone. It is a relaxing and romantic island with attractions, delicious food, and adventure waiting to be had. Here’s some of what you can do when visiting Spetses, Greece.

Indulge in the Local Products and Specialties

The island of Spetses is known for its delicious honey that is made from the pine trees that grow there. This unique honey has a lovely aroma and is dark and copper-like in color. Fresh fish caught by local fishermen are served at the taverns. A specialty made from fresh fish fillets is called fish à la Spetsiota, which you must try when visiting the island. If you have a sweet tooth, you will want to try the spoon sweets, lemon liquors, and almond sweets known as amygdalota.

The island of Spetses is home to a number of boutiques where you can find local handmade products. You can find interior decor items and accessories that are made of natural materials including silk, leather, and linen. You will also find one-of-a-kind accessories, jewelry, and more that cannot be found anywhere else. Taking home a unique piece of Greek designed jewelry will be the greatest souvenir of your trip to the island of Spetses.

Spend Time in the Capital

The capital of the island of Spetses is Spetses Town. The harbor of Spetses is called Dapia. The area of the harbor is where you will find other important sites including Anargyros Mansion and the Spetses Museum. Spetses Town is home to many bars and restaurants, especially around the Clock Square in Dapia. If you enjoy architecture, you will enjoy strolling the narrow streets admiring the old mansions that have been well-maintained.

In Spetses Town, you won’t find any cars. Bicycles, mopeds, donkeys, and horses are the main modes of transportation. Walking is also a wonderful option. The capital of Spetses Island is also home to some nightlife if you’re interested in checking out the clubs and trying a variety of drinks and cocktails. The lighthouse of Spetses is found at the old port. First lit in 1837, it is one of Greece’s oldest lighthouses. Since 1986, the lighthouse has used electric power.

Explore the Island by Scooter

The island of Spetses has one main road that loops around it, so exploring the island is not difficult. A fun way to see the island is by renting a scooter or ATV. These vehicles will also allow you to see other areas of Spetses including the forests and hilly roads. In the main town you will find many spots to rent scooters and ATVs. If you want to explore at a more leisurely pace, you can also rent bicycles. Bicycles are a wonderful choice if you’re traveling with the family. The main road of the island is only 15 miles long, so it won’t be a long or difficult adventure.

While visiting Spetses, you’ll want try to at least one of these activities. You won’t be disappointed!

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