About the Greek Red Wine Kotsifali

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Kotsifali is a red wine grape that is native to the island of Crete, Greece. It is mainly grown in the Heraklion region and, to a lesser degree, in the Cyclades. The best wine grapes are said to come from PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Peza and PDO Archanes.

Kotsifali is a light red-skinned grape that produces a dry red wine that is high in alcohol. The aroma of Kotsifali is intense and that of red cherries and cranberries. The flavor has hints of sour cherry and white pepper. Kotsifali makes for a refreshing wine during the summer months. The color of Kotsifali is quite dull.

Due to the soft tannins and acidity, the light color, and intense flavor and aroma, Kotsifali is often blended with other red grape varieties. These blendings occur with both Cretan and international wines. One of the most popular Cretan wines Kotsifali is blended with is Mandilaria.

This is done at both PDO Peza and PDO Archanes. PDO Peza red wines contain 75% Kotsifali and 25% Mandilaria.The blend from PDO Archanes contains more Mandilaria. Some wines are ready to be consumed upon release and other, more extracted types, are ages for 5 – 8 years in oak, which gives a more mellow structure.

Type of Greek Wine

Kotsifali grapes make a vibrant red wine.

Wine Region for Kotsifali in Greece

Kotsifali wine is mainly produced in Crete. It is primarily produced in the Heraklion region, but also parts of the Cyclades.

Kotsifali Greek Wine Flavor Description

Kotsifali tastes and smells of cranberries, plums, and red cherries with a hint of white pepper and sour cherry.

Food Pairing for Kotsifali Greek Wine

Kotsifali wine pairs well with meat dishes, but is a very food-friendly wine:

  • Roast with vegetables
  • Sausages
  • Casseroles
  • Pastichio (Greek style baked macaroni with ground beef)
  • Pork souvlaki

Facts About Kotsifali Greek Wine

  • Kotsifali wine is native to Crete
  • Evidence shows that a wine culture existed on Crete as far back as 3000
  • Kotsifali’s high alcohol content and intense flavor and aroma make it perfect for blending with other wines

Kotsifali is a Cretan dry red wine that is high in alcohol. It is ideal for blending due to its high alcohol content and intense aroma and flavor. Kotsifali wine pairs well with many foods, so you can try it with a variety of meals.

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