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Robola is a variety of white wine grape that is mainly grown on the Ionian island of Cephalonia (also known as Kefalonia). Cephalonia has a rich wine-growing history and is home to three PDO-level appellations. The most important is Robola of Cephalonia.

The Robola of Cephalonia appellation covers the west side of the mountain. The Robola grape thrives in the colder temperature of the high slopes. Vines are planted up to 750 meters above sea level. The Robola grape loses acidity in hotter climates. Robola is a white-skinned grape.

The Robola grape produces wines that are high in acidity and well-textured. Robola wines are typically 12.5% alcohol. Most of the wines made from Robola are not oaked. The aroma of Robola wine is of citrus, minerals, melon, and orange blossoms.

On the palate, there is a balance of white peach and lemon-lime flavors. There is also a hint of mineral on the palate. The acidity of this wine makes it the perfect match for lemon dishes. Robola wine also pairs well with fish that has plenty of meat such as salmon, shark, tuna, and monkfish. Sardines and herring also pair well with Robola white wine.

Type of Greek Wine

Robola is a white wine made from grapes that thrive in cold temperatures.

Wine Region for Robola in Greece

Robola wine grapes are primarily grown on the Ionian island of Cephalonia. The grapes thrive in the colder temperatures of the higher elevations of the slopes they are planted on.

Robola Greek Wine Flavor Description

On the palate, you will find a lovely balance of lemon-lime and white peach flavors along with some minerality. To the nose, Robola white wine has a citrus, melon, and orange blossom scent.

Food Pairing for Robola Greek Wine

Robola wine goes very well with fish, especially fish with lots of meat like salmon and tuna. Robola wine also pairs well with lemon dishes. Here are some dishes you might enjoy with Robola white wine:

  • Greek marinated salmon with salad
  • Baked salmon
  • Tuna steaks and couscous with feta and olives
  • Lemon roasted potatoes
  • Greek chicken souvlaki with lemon rice

Facts About Robola Greek Wine

  • Thanks to its Italian sounding name, some people think that Robola is likely related to or the same as the Ribolla Gialla variety that is cultivated in northeastern Italy
  • Despite the belief that they might be the same, there are differences between the two
  • Robola grapes thrive in the colder temperatures of the high mountain slopes

Robola is a sophisticated and elegant wine that can be compared to a Chablis or a Riesling, depending on age.

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