About Parga, Greece

Parga is a town in northwestern Greece. Parga is a seaside town in the region of Epirus. Even though it’s a mainland town, it has the feel of an island with its ambiance. Parga is amphitheatrically built around its small port. Olive groves and greenery surround the area. Parga has a lovely view as it faces inlets. In Greek mythology, the springs of Acherontas and its river, led to the Underworld. Boats now tour the area of the lake and waterfalls with a gorgeous view of the trees.

During antiquity, the area of Parga was inhabited by the Greek tribe called the Thesprotians. There is evidence that the bay of Parga was inhabited since the Mycenaean Times. Macedonian kids Perseus was defeated in 168 BC in Pydna, which led to Roman General Aemilius Paul destroying all the cities of Epirus, including Parga.

Parga was mentioned for the first time in 1318 ad it’s thought the name is Slavic. Two years later, in 1320, the town and the sugarcane plantation proceeds were unsuccessfully offered by Nicholas Orsini to the Republic of Venice in exchange for Venetian aid against the Byzantine Empire. In 1338 -1339 during the Epirote rebellion against the Byzantine emperor, Parga would remain loyal to the emperor. In the 1390s, Parga was under the rule of John Spata, lord of Arta. The Venetians would gain control of Parga in 1402 and aside from brief periods when the Ottomans had possession until 1797. In 1817, England sold Parga to Ali Pasha for 150,000 pounds. Residents of Parga would abandon the city, moving to Corfu on April 15, 1817. Ali Pasha moved 300 of his men to Parga where they took ownership of the land and houses. When the residents returned from Corfu, they had to work the lands they used to own. In 1913, Parga joined the Greek state.

Administrative Region for Parga, Greece


Area of Parga, Greece

Municipality: 274.8 km2 (106.1 sq mi)

Municipal Unit: 68.9 km2 (26.6 sq mi)

Population of Parga, Greece

Municipality: 11, 866

Municipal Unit: 3,904

Top Attractions in Parga, Greece

Venetian Castle of Parga – The castle was built in the 11th century and later fortified by the Venetians and Turks. The castle is located on a hill overlooking the town and providing a great few of the sea and mainland. Walking around the castle is a nice experience too with stone trails and cypress trees.
Acheron River – Ancient myth says this river led to the gates of Hades. The springs of the river are surrounded by waterfalls, greenery, and rocks. The Acheron River is located close to the villages of Gliki and Kanalaki.
Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna – The monastery can be found close to Valtos Beach. Walk a cobbled path to the monastery and enjoy the beautiful paintings inside. The bell tower dates back to the 18th century.
Aphrodite’s Cave – Accessible by boat from Parga. Enjoy the exploring the cave and swimming in the crystal clear water. Experience the area and the view from the water.
Ecclesiastical Museum – Located next to the church of Agioi Apostoli in the city center of Parga. The museum features items including holy gospels, rare books, and the 300-year-old banner of the town.
Valtos Beach – 2 km from Parga. Valtos is a long, sandy beach that is surrounded by greenery. There are water sports available at this family friendly beach.
Town Beach – Located within walking distance of the center of Parga. There are tourist facilities in the area. There is a small islet in front of the beach, creating a unique view. The beach is organized and family friendly.
Ali Pasha Castle – The view from the castle alone is worth the trip. You can enjoy a guided tour that will provide historical lessons. In the area you will also find a waterfall and olive trees.
The Watermill Museum – The museum is within walking distance from Valtos Beach. It can also be reached via train from Parga. Learn about the history of the watermill and explore the museum.
Lichnos Beach – 3 km east of Parga. Lichnos Beach is organized and family friendly. The beach features water sports and is surrounded by greenery.


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