Things to Do in Athens with Families

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Athens is the biggest city in Greece and that means there is plenty to do. In fact, it can be very difficult to choose the best activities! Not only is there plenty to do in the city itself, but the surrounding area is filled with wonders. For families, that means there is an endless supply of options to enjoy while visiting. Here’s a look at some of the best things to do with families in Athens:

Spend Time at the Acropolis

You can’t go to Greece without seeing the historic Acropolis Hill. It’s one of the most important ancient monuments in Europe. From the peak, you have an unmatched view of the land and sea. Acropolis Hill is made of three major temples, the Parthenon, the Erechteion, and the Temple of the Nike, along with other landmarks. Get an early start so you can fully enjoy the splendor of this historic hill. Don’t forget your walking shoes.

Browse the Archaeological Museum

Interested to know what’s been found by excavators in the Acropolis over the millennia? At the Acropolis Museum, they have collected all of the artifacts recovered from as early as 3000 BC. As you ascend the three floors of the museum, which are broken into sections of history, you journey through time, ending on the fourth-floor gift shop.

There are ruins, ancient sanctuaries, statues, as well as gifts to deities like Athena. The museum uses glass extensively throughout, including the glass floor and an all-glass gallery. The artifacts are showcased in a new, captivating way thanks to the use of natural light. The unique design of the museum and the incredible artifacts will let you experience history like never before!

Visit the Temple of Poseidon

This temple on Cape Sounio was dedicated to Poseidon, hoping he would grant pleasant sea trips. It sits at the edge of the Aegean Sea, giving you a view of several islands surrounding it. After 2500 years, only 15 of the original marble pillars still stand. The temple is rich in history and Greek lore. Plan a day trip to the Temple of Poseidon.

Lounge on the Beach

Although Athens itself isn’t right on the beach, there are plenty of beaches that are close to the city center. These are popular beaches not only with those traveling to the city, but also with the locals. They provide an excellent escape from city life!

Athena Vouliagmeni Beach is a perfect beach for the whole family. It includes a play area for children, water slide, tennis and volleyball courts, along with restaurants that will leave you more than satisfied. If you’re looking for more of an upscale adventure, try Athens Lagonisi Beach. There are other beaches scattered throughout the area too, just ask around to see which people prefer!

Athens is  place the you simply don’t want to miss visiting while in Greece. Whether you are only spending a few days here or plan to stay for a longer period of time, these activities are perfect for the whole family.

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