Top Family Activities to Do in Athens, Greece

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Athens, Greece - October 5, 2011 : People sitting and resting in front of the Tzistarakis Mosque in Monastiraki Square in central Athens, Greece.Athens isn’t just a city for history buffs – it’s for families and kids, too! This is one of those cities that is perfectly for stirring up the imagination. Kids especially have a great time imaging the way things were back in Ancient Greece. They also tend to love Greek mythology and in general love to have fun and learn about new cultures. Here are some of the top activities that families can do together while they’re visiting Athens:

Experience a Piece of History at the Acropolis

History doesn’t have to be all about boring lectures and staring at artifacts in a museum. Visiting historical sites such as the Acropolis in Athens gives families a chance to experience this history first hand. Climb up the hill by foot and tell stories of Ancient Greece. Visit the Parthenon and the other ancient buildings on site and take some time to really explore all that the Acropolis has to offer. This is one of the top family sites in all of Athens! For those who absolutely do love museums, the Acropolis Museum is something you won’t want to miss, either. This is where many of the artifacts that were found at the Acropolis are being stored.

Enjoy the Bustling Market at Monastiraki

For those visiting the city, Monastiraki is truly a joyous affair. This is where people from all over the city come together to buy goods and it is a particular good spot for families who happen to visiting Athens. You can not only find some great deals here on souvenirs, but it is also a fun way to experience a traditional aspect of the Greek culture. People love to come together here to find great deals, negotiate prices, and even socialize. Children love it, as well, because the market offers a great way to get some exercise. There are often kids here playing games and running through the streets while their families either shop or work at one of the stalls.

Visit the Attica Zoological Park

Does your family love animals? If so, the Attica Zoological Park is the perfect place to visit in Athens once you are finished with all those historical sites! This is an especially popular activities for families who have smaller children, who tend to love learning about the animals and attending the shows at the zoo. There is also a playground for the children that includes swings, slides, and other playground equipment. Animals at the park include seals, dolphins, giraffes, reptiles, and more. The animals are the most active in the morning and evening, especially during the hot summer months.

Watch the Changing of the Guards

Another great activity to do in Athens that the whole family will love is to watch the changing of the guards in front of the parliament building in Syntagma Square. Officially, the ceremony takes place every Sunday morning at 11 AM. If watching this ceremony is important to your family, you should plan your trip accordingly.

Athens is a great city for families, as long as you choose the right activities! The ones listed here are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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